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Newnes 20RH Trimmer Lines - 80 Bin Newnes Sorter Lines
Code: 1376

Two Newnes 20RH Trimmer Lines Two 80 Bin Newnes Sorter Lines


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Stackers | Lumber Stacker

Code: NM-MA-06-ELumberStacker
Category:  Sawmilling  >  New Equipment  >  Planermills  >  Stackers

Newnes-McGehee’s lumber stacker has earned an excellent reputation for quality and reliability based on performance in hundreds of mills over the last three decades.

The hydraulically operated stacker creates stable and safe kiln loads for sawmills, or custom packages for planermills.  It satisfies most demanding production requirements and its operation is not affected by extreme temperature conditions.

Sturdy construction and well coordinated controls allow our stacker to place tiers accurately and consistently at speeds to match most production flow rates.  The Newnes-McGehee (NM) lumber stacker can accommodate a wide range of package sizes, and with the many options available our stackers can be customized to meet specialized mill requirements.

Our lumber stacker can be installed into most existing production lines.  It is delivered as a self-contained, pre-plumbed unit.

Features and Benefits:

·         Variable speed fork drive and power assisted tier width adjustment simplify stacking a variety of lumber products

·         Stacker hoist with an indexing photo eye ensures consistent stack heights

·         Overall rugged construction with heavy duty individual hoist knees and columns, ensure long lasting reliable operation

·         Programmable encoder can control loading cycles and activate the lath placer

·         Electronic control of lumber infeed backlog and package outfeed provide efficient material flow

·         UHMW capped rooftop chain on transfer minimizes lumber damage

·         Power assisted tier width adjustment gives positive control of tier width for various lumber products



PDF: NM-MA-06-ELumberStackera

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