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Super Chip Screen
Code: MA-19-ESuperChipScreen

The USNR Super Chip Screen makes a great addition to your mill to take advantage of an important source of income: wood chips. The Super Chip Screen requires minimal maintenance, so you can spend your time and budget elsewhere.


Name: Jonathan McLachlan

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Stackers | Hi-Speed Stacker

Code: NM-MA-07-EHi-SpeedStacker
Category:  Sawmilling  >  New Equipment  >  Planermills  >  Stackers

The hi-speed stacker pre-stages the lumber tiers, separating the tier dividing action from the stacking fork movement. This allows the stacker fork motion to be controlled smoothly, even at very high speeds.

Newnes-McGehee’s lumber stackers have earned an excellent reputation for quality and reliability based on performance in hundreds of mills over the last three decades.

The hi-speed stacker continues this tradition, combining top end performance with ruggedly reliable design.

Our hi-speed stacker can be installed into most existing production lines and is delivered as a self-contained, pre-plumbed unit.

The Newnes-McGehee (NM) stacker is fully compatible with any NM stick or lath placers:

·         Magazine stick, lath or combination stick and lath placers

·         J-hook stick placer system

·         Hopper filler system

·         Moving vacuum lath placer

Features and Benefits:

·         Pre-staging the tiers gives the operator a look at each tier before it goes out onto the package

·         Power assisted tier width adjustment gives positive control of tier width for various lumber products

·         Beam hoist with an indexing photo eye ensures consistent stack heights and long lasting, reliable operation

·         Electronic control of lumber infeed backlog and package outfeed provide efficient material flow

·         Forks drive is controlled by a hydraulic linear positioner cylinder, which can be easily maintained and adjusted for peak performance

·         Low profile allows the stacker to be supported on a common sub structure with the infeed transfer


PDF: NM-MA-07-EHi-SpeedStacker

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