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SOLD - Computermatic Stress Grader (Mk V) - SOLD
Code: 2193

The machine is designed to accept timber of a common cross section but random lengths (practical minimum 1.8m) and, in a single pass, allocate a strength grade.


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Planers & Moulders | Positive-Lead Planer

Code: MA-43-EPositive-LeadPlaner
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USNR High-Speed Planers utilize our patented Positive-Lead technology to help reduce sniping. OUr proven designs have reliably finished billions of board feet of lumber over the last several years, generating praise from our customers and the respect of our competitors.

The Positive-Lead Advantage:

The difference between a traditional no-lead planer and a USNR Positive-Lead Planer is in the angle of the top and bottom cutting heads with respect to the guide and the centerline of the machine.

In a traditional configuration, the cutting head arbor is oriented 90º to the centerline, and so exerts a force on the lumber that tends to push it away from the guide.  The more material you are removing, the greater the forces, and the greater the likelihood of leaving snipe marks on the lumber.

In the USNR Positive-Lead Planer, on the other hand, the cutting head arbors are oriented 90º to the lumber guide.  The forces exerted by the cutting head are now parallel to the lumber guide, eliminating the tendency to push the lumber away from the surface and cause sniping.

Other Features and Benefits:

·         Patented 3” top and bottom heads are designed for quick change without the use of a crane; cutting heads are interchangeable for easier maintenance

·         Positive hydraulic locking system for top, bottom and side heads maintain accurate lumber dimensions; a quick-release valve on the top-head immediately releases the pressure plate after a jam

·         Designed for lumber from 2-½”  to 15” wide, from ¾” up to 6” thick, and as little as 6’ in length

·         Reversible feedrolls are driven through drive-shafts by individual motors; electronic speed balancing matches roll speeds for smooth feeding



PDF: MA-43-EPositive-LeadPlaner

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