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BRAND NEW Webster WH124 380ft Chain with Lugs

Webster WH124 heavy duty chain. - New chain never installed - Welded lugs every 20 inch - Approx. 380ft chain


Name: Geoff Strang

Ph: +64 9 276 2402
Cell: +64 274 304 981
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Optimisation | LASAR™ 3D Lasar Scanning Sensor

Code: OP-04-ELasar
Category:  Sawmilling  >  New Equipment  >  Log Processing  >  Optimisation

Full coverage 3D scanning sensor with unparalled resolution and data density

The LASAR™ sensor is a unique and rugged, full-coverage hig-resolution 3D scanner that is ideal for close coupled sawing systems and large transverse deck bucking systems.  LASAR™  sensors rapidly scan stems and logs with unparalleled resolution and data density.

LASAR™ is immune to high levels of ambient light and is used on sharp chains, carriages, end doggers, chip-n-saws, gangs and merchandiser systems.  This high-performance scanning sensor has a worldwide installed base.


LASAR™  Features:


Highly accurate sensor system with dense data sampling

·         Functional for Bucking, EDLF, Carriage, Top-dogger, End-dogger, Sharp Chain and Gang applications


·         Able to scan full 3D images of the entire stem, log or cant in one place, even extremely crooked and swept stems that won’t fit through a scan zone


·         Full coverage scanning allows for more accurate log volumes, and therefore better monitoring of yield and overall mill performance.


·         Log lengths detected to ½”


·         Log diameters with 0.1” with single point resolution of 0.036”


·         Accurate on light, dark, wet, fuzzy and barky logs


·         Immune to even the brightest light

Extremely fast:  One-scan, One-set

·         Automatic detection of sweep, taper, diameter, length, ovality, flare, fluting, nodal swelling, knot protrusions, broken ends and kink

PDF: OP-04-ELasar

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