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Optimisation | MillWide Bucking Optimiser System

Code: OP-02-EBucking
Category:  Sawmilling  >  New Equipment  >  Log Processing  >  Optimisation

Full 3D modeling and optimisation capabilities for maximum value

With more features, capabilities and scanning options than any other system in the industry, the MillWide Bucking Optimiser system combines dense 3D scan data with the power of today's high speed computers to let you get the maximum value from every stem.

The complete solution includes scanning, optimisation and information management, enabling you to custom configure the system to fit your exact needs.  Extremely flexible 3D data acquisition configurations range from stationary, lineal or transverse with single, dual or triple process line capability.


Full 3D modeling and optimisation capabilities model all downstream machine centers including auto rotation, curve sawing, wane rules on boards, cost of edging, and “number of sawlines” penalty for multiple pass operations.


Software Features:


Completely configurable to model machinery

·         Completely models the downstream machine centers (including whether curve sawing is available)


·         Models whether bucking saws can remove waste pieces from the middle of the stem


·         Models fixed pattern breakdown


·         Configurable routing codes to run log sorter


·         Full Support for metal detectors

Operation can be fine-tuned

·         User-selectable method of evaluating log diameters within the stem


·         Configurable maximum time allowed for optimisation


·         Configurable longest and shortest log lengths that may be cut


·         Product value evaluation methods are sawlog “full fit”, volume, veneer, sawlog pattern, variable length, JAS standard and price per piece

PDF: OP-02-EBucking

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