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Optimisation | Log Bucking Optimizer

Code: NM-OP-07-ELogBuckingOptimizer
Category:  Sawmilling  >  New Equipment  >  Log Processing  >  Optimisation

The Newnes-McGehee (NM) Bucking Optimiser is the ideal companion for NM primary breakdown and curve sawing optimisers. The bucking optimiser uses complete optimisation algorithms rather than lookup tables to ensure optimum value recovery. Curved logs can be bucked to longer lengths within the allowable amounts of curve and other parameters for downstream equipment.

Our bucking optimisation system software is built on the same platform as our world-leading primary breakdown and curve sawing systems.  Sophisticated logic evaluates each solution to predict the products that will result from bucking to trimming.  Cant and side board product control are independent.  The Windows based interface allows ease of setup and system monitoring, with complete reporting features.


The NM bucking optimiser utilizes our advanced linear scanning sensors to completely scan the log at high resolution in real-time.  Powerful processors handle the scan data and transmit it to the optimisation computer over a high-speed mill network.


Besides those features and benefits you’d expect from a log bucking system, we’ve built additional features into our optimisation software to further enhance the recovery of valuable wood fibre:


Features and Benefits:

·         User configurable for imperial or metric measurement systems

·         Windows based user interface has the same look and feel as current NM optimisers

·         High resolution 19” colour monitor maximizes visibility of user interface

·         Durable touch screen operator workstation available for mill floor

·         Compatible with NM’s sawmill optimisation Mill Host®

·         Easy upgrade to future software versions

·         Optimisation and controls designed and built by NM for 100% integration

·         7/24 Service and modem connection for remote diagnostics



PDF: NM-OP-07-ELogBuckingOptimizer

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