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Bruks 820 CM Chipper
Code: 2184

BRUKS stationary drum chippers are processing different kinds of input materials, like logs, slabs, sawmill wastes, butt ends, veneer wastes and other industrial wood wastes in all wood industry segments.


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Optimisation | Smart TriCam™ Lineal Scanning System

Code: OP-06-ESmartTriCamLinealb
Category:  Sawmilling  >  New Equipment  >  Log Processing  >  Optimisation

Most Accurate and Highest-Density 3D Lineal Scanning System in the Industry

The Smart TriCam lineal scanning system provides complete profile measurements of objects moving longitudinally through a set of scanners.  Smart TriCam sensors are available in single or dual laser line models.  Smart TriCam Lineal scanning systems are ideally suited for:  lineal bucking systems, extended length infeeds, sharp chains, lineal gangs and lineal edgers.

Typical configurations


A typical stem, log or cant system consists of 4 scanners mounted in a doughnut-shaped scan zone that the piece passes through.  With a 4-head system, opposing sensors have lasers of different wavelengths, an innovation that prevents crosstalk between the sensors which causes improper measurements – a common problem with our competitor’s systems.


Custom-engineered “pulsed lasers” are combined with a proprietary camera design to provide the maximum signal return along with ambient light rejection that is far superior to that of any other sensor in the industry.  These features provide the capability to measure “black logs” and burnt logs that other manufacturer’s sensors have problems with.  This allows the sensors to be mounted, in many cases, without ambient light shielding in an interior lighting situation.  Shielding is required in sunlight conditions.


With a lineal edger system, top-mounted sensors scan the flitch as it passes underneath.  High speed systems may use as many as six separate scanners spaced down the length of the flitch to reduce the required flitch transfer distance.  Multiple sensors per scan zone can also be used for very large flitch infeed systems.  The dual laser line module is the usual choice for these systems because of feed speeds of the flitch.


PDF: OP-06-ESmartTriCamLinealb

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