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BRAND NEW Webster WH124 380ft Chain with Lugs

Webster WH124 heavy duty chain. - New chain never installed - Welded lugs every 20 inch - Approx. 380ft chain


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Kilns | Kiln Boss Computer Control System

Code: E-009
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USNR's Kiln Boss systems allow you to easily control all important wood drying variables. The system tracks your custom drying schedules, alerts you to trouble or system changes, and reports batch and historical statistics for your review.



“Kiln Boss systems give you the performance asked for by experienced lumbermen.”


Standard Features

·         Kiln Boss system reduces energy usage by more precisely controlling the process and drying schedule time

·         Accepts any drying schedule and works equally well with any kiln configuration

·         Run on “full automatic” to let Kiln Boss optimize fan control, or set to manual mode

·         Customised alarm conditions can be set according to your specific requirements

·         Microsoft Windows based environment with full compatibility with programs such as MS Excel

·         Remote access via modem facilitates trouble-shooting by USNR Service Representatives

·         Fully expandable and flexible system that grows with your changing needs

·         Manual kiln controls can still be used if computer system ever goes off-line

·         Battery back-up in case of power failure

·         Multiple built-in security levels to give different personnel access to only the information that they need

·         North American parts and service network


PDF: Image_E-009_Kiln_Boss-96726

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