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SOLD - Computermatic Stress Grader (Mk V) - SOLD
Code: 2193

The machine is designed to accept timber of a common cross section but random lengths (practical minimum 1.8m) and, in a single pass, allocate a strength grade.


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Kilns | Load Boss - In-Kiln Weight Scale System

Code: E-008
Category:  Sawmilling  >  New Equipment  >  Boilers & Kilns  >  Kilns

Adding the USNR Load Boss to your lumber drying operation gives you another level of control.  The Load Boss System uses sensitive electronics to precisely measure the weights of sample boards distributed within your lumber stack.  The Load Boss gives you the most accurate feedback available for the actual real-time lumber moisture properties.

“The Ultimate In-Kiln Weight Scale Technology”


Accurate Real-Time Data

·         Load Boss measures the sample board weight 50 times per second to give your kiln management software actual drying rates

·         Allows you to adjust your drying schedule to achieve heretofore unimaginable quality levels

·         Eliminates reliance on periodic samples, archaic probes and guesswork

·         Because the same air flow passes through the sample board as through the stack, you get accurate data, even when actual drying circumstances are unique.


Automatic Adjustment

·         Integrate the Load Boss into your kiln control system to incorporate automatic, instantaneous, feedback into your drying schedule

·         Designed to connect directly to the USNR Kiln Boss computerized kiln control system


Easy to Use

·         The compact design weighs only 15 pounds and is only 8” x 15” x 30”, which allows for easy set-up and handling

·         The digital interface connects directly into Kiln Boss software, including all the necessary parameters


“Now you can measure moisture content reliably, consistently and automatically”


PDF: Image_E-008_Load_Boss-96725

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