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Edwards Wood Chip Screen


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Kilns | Triple-Length Continuous (TLC) Kiln

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USNR continues its tradition of innovation with the Triple-Length Continuous (TLC) Dry Kiln. This unique new concept in drying technology delivers continuous non-stop production, enabling you to increase your kiln production by up to 50%, while using your existing heating system.


This double-track dry kiln is three times as long as a traditional kiln and boasts an open-ended design. The TLC kiln operates continuously and delivers non-stop high production with unprecedented energy efficiency.

  Design Innovations and Advantages:

  • Acts as a combination pre-dryer, kiln and conditioner that dramatically smoothes and reduces the energy required to dry lumber.
  • Lumber stacks run in opposite directions so that heat coming off the dry lumber preheats the green lumber packs, and moisture coming off the green lumber conditions the dry lumber.  This process produces lumber with less stress and a tighter moisture distribution than traditional batch process.
  • The patented process enables wood to cycle through at variable rates based on time and temperature.
  • The TLC Kiln includes a staging and loading system to keep packages moving through the kiln continuously and automatically.
  • With the TLC Kiln you can achieve up to double your kiln production while using your existing heating system.



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