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AXL300 Axle Load Gauge
Code: AXL300

“Don’t underestimate your weight we can help you increase productivity.” The AXL Axle Load Gauge is designed for truck or trailers fitted with airbag suspension and provides a reliable and accurate solution to displaying the load on each axle group. The AXL300 is our most cost effective weight gauge. - Minimise your risk of overloading - Reliable and accurate technology - Improve your productivity -The AXL Axle Load Gauge offers a rugged, reliable and accurate solution to display the load on each axle group -Easy to install and use -Large bright LED display for day and night time operation -The AXL300 is sealed against water and dust -Multi Voltage, It can operate from 7 to 30 volt DC After installation to a Truck or Trailer with air bag suspension, the AXL is calibrated when a known load is applied and weighed correctly on a certified weigh bridge. Once the unit is calibrated the gauge will indicate the axle load weight via the large LED display.


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