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6 Tonne Tilt Hoist
Code: 1408

Please find attached photos of our 6 Tonne Tilt Hoist. Pack Height - 1.2 Pack Width - 1.2 Pack Length - 6.1 New Electrics Unit New Fillet removal belt.


Name: Donna Neil

Ph: +64 9 276 2402
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Planermill | Kupfer Muhle K30 4-sider Planer

Code: 1418
Category:  Sawmilling  >  Used Equipment  >  Planermill

Width up to 300mm
Thick up to 250mm
Speed up to 170 m/min
Chamfer sets top and bottom
Hydraulic infeed loader for large pieces
Constant table height
Chip removal top up to 20mm, bottom up to 15mm
Top and bottom knives have jointers
Extra heads for top, bottom and sides

PDF: Image_1418_-_Kupfer_Muhle_K30_4_Sider_Planer-97587

PDF: Image_Planer-97583

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