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LSI Stacker
Code: 1394

LSI Stacking system including: Unscrambler Singulator High Low Chain Alternate ending Adjustable layer maker Layer forks Hoist Outfeed Packet Deck Electrics and controls Building The stacker and building is available for immediate sale and removal The plant is available for inspection and price is negotiable.


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Remanufacturing | Ledinek Superplan

Code: Superplan
Category:  Sawmilling  >  New Equipment  >  Remanufacturing

High Performance Planer and Moulder

Technical Data


Working width (min/max)                               50-300 mm

Working height (min/max)                              10-125 mm

Shortest length (min)                                       1.800 mm

Feed Speed         150 / 200 / 250 / 300 / 350 / 400 m/min

Tooling length vertical spindles                            165 mm

Tooling length horizontal spindles                         300 mm

Spindle diameter                                                  60 mm

Tool diameter (max)                                  180 – 280 mm

Tool diameter-Saw (max)                           180 – 250 mm


Superplan Facts


·          Direct driven tool spindles without belt drive

·          Frequency controlled spindle speed (3.600 – 5.200 Rpm)

·          Horizontal tools can be moved 150mm behind the fence

·          Vertical tool spindles axial adjustable with motor (80mm)

·          Frequency controlled continuous feed speed

·          Integrated tool hoist for easy change of tools

·          Horizontal pressures are pneumatically pressured by bellow cylinders

·          Hydraulic locking of spindles

·          Ball screw spindles for wear-resistance and high accuracy

·          Hydraulic locking of columns

·          Top feed rollers have a diameter of 310 mm and variable pneumatic pressure

·          Bed plates, feed rollers and fences are hard chromed

·          Automatic table lubrication of bed plates and fences

·          Automatic jointing system

·          Machine built with components from well known manufacturers



PDF: Image_superplana3-46648

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