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6 Tonne Tilt Hoist
Code: 1408

Please find attached photos of our 6 Tonne Tilt Hoist. Pack Height - 1.2 Pack Width - 1.2 Pack Length - 6.1 New Electrics Unit New Fillet removal belt.


Name: Donna Neil

Ph: +64 9 276 2402
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Remanufacturing | Ledinek Dekoplan

Code: Dekoplan
Category:  Sawmilling  >  New Equipment  >  Remanufacturing

A special planer for decorative planing and structuring of tongue and groove boards,
4 side planed solid wood boards or other similar products for interior design.
Also suitable for decoration of decking, cladding, parquet, logs for log homes, facade boards or outdoor and indoor panels for use in exclusive constructions.

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