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BM&M Wood Chip Screen
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BM&M Wood Chip Screen (2x available) Purchased 1996


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Remanufacturing | Ledinek Kontizink - Finger Jointing Line

Code: Kontizink
Category:  Sawmilling  >  New Equipment  >  Remanufacturing

The KONTIZINK finger jointing line can be used for the production of laminations for glulam beams for duo and trio beams as well as for solid finger jointed constructional timber. Fingers are formed perpendicular to the broadside of the work piece. Left side respectively hollow side is down.

Workpieces are transported upright through the milling machine for vertical joints.  Milling units of the milling machine for horizontal joints work with flat lying workpieces.

Hydraulically supported press rolls lift the workpiece and let it "float" through the press.  Entirely open side enables excellent access.

Servo positioned flying crosscut saw can cut in every position and can therefore be adapted for every situation.

Operation fo the PLC is supported with easily understood graphic representations.

PDF: Image_kontizink-45599

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