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BM&M Wood Chip Screen
Code: 1402

BM&M Wood Chip Screen (2x available) Purchased 1996


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Remanufacturing | Ledinek Hyperpress

Code: Hyperpress
Category:  Sawmilling  >  New Equipment  >  Remanufacturing

CNC Press for Curved Beams

Wood without limits!

A dream? Not anymore. Let our new press surprise you with it's great suitability to press a variety of wood forms that you may have not even shaped yet. Discover the new Hyperpress that opens a competely new dimension of building with wood.


The press is designed for fully automated production of curved laminated beams. High accuracy and good repeatability of curved elements are supported by the sophisticated design of this press.

Among a variety of presses for laminated beams, our new press is unique, first of its class in the world.  The press is a guarantee for accuracy, high performance and top quality products.  Continuous research and innovative work have resulted in devising a press that meets the demands and needs of producers in the field of modern wood industry.  Sturdy trestle, CNC control and impressive power make the press perfect for production of laminated beams.

PDF: Image_hyperpress-45576

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