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BRAND NEW Webster WH124 380ft Chain with Lugs

Webster WH124 heavy duty chain. - New chain never installed - Welded lugs every 20 inch - Approx. 380ft chain


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Planermills | Multi-Track Fence

Code: E-181
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Multi-Track Fence Overview

The Multi-Track Fence is a cost effective solution for mills that require a rapid, highly accurate fencing system for the most demanding applications. This fence accommodates high speeds with very precise board position, an excellent choicer for high-speed optimised applications requiring 0.1” (0.25cm) accuracy. The Multi-Track Fence allows wider lug spacing at higher speeds, with less critical timing than other rotary fence models. It operates without any air or hydraulics; all electric actuation is easy to maintain.

The Multi-Track Fence is designed to retrofit into existing 3-stage fence locations.


Excellence in Design
Many rotary fence designs require a high level of maintenance while others are restricted by rotational mass and require extremely tight lug spaces to work with self-destructing. Many have very critical timing requirements which can’t be kept consistent when air is deployed to fire at encoder pulse increments.
USNR’s fence design team considered a variety of options while developing the Multi-Track design. The Multi-Track Fence uses moving board bumpers to position the boards, and this allows several jug spaces for boards to come to the bumpers and settle into a fixed setback location prior to leaving the positioning system to be trimmed. The result is highly accurate, infinite board position, and often higher speeds. 
The all-electric design eliminates system leakage and maintenance associated with air or hydraulics actuation. Operating costs are reduced with less maintenance required and lower energy consumption.
Features and Benefits:
·          Available in 12” (30.5) and 25” (61cm) setbacks; push or pull back configurations
·          Fence bumper accuracy +/- 0.1” (0.25cm)
·          Speeds to 200 LPM on dimension applications
·          Non-critical timing; no air cylinder cushions to tune
·          Simple PLC control
·          Electric design reduces operating costs
·          No fussy brakes internal to moving board bumpers
·          Easy access to all components for maintenance
·          Designed for retrofit into existing 3-stage fence locations (9’-0” / 2.74m min roll)
Contact us for more information about how our Multi-Track Fence can benefit your operation.

PDF: Image_E-181_Multi-Track_Fence-41629

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