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LSI Stacker
Code: 1394

LSI Stacking system including: Unscrambler Singulator High Low Chain Alternate ending Adjustable layer maker Layer forks Hoist Outfeed Packet Deck Electrics and controls Building The stacker and building is available for immediate sale and removal The plant is available for inspection and price is negotiable.


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Sawmilling | BioLuma™ 2900LV Sensor

Code: E-215 BioLuma

HD colour vision combined with HD laser profiling at the highest scan rate - the best overall performance for sawmill transverse scanning

Advanced Transverse Scanning: HD Colour Vision + HD Laser Profiling

HD colour vision and HD laser profiling in a single, integrated sensor. With the fastest scan rate and largest field of view in the industry, customers get both defect scanning and laser profiling for transverse sawmill edgers and trimmers.

Smarter Technology, Superior Result


HD colour images (0.02" / 0.5mm), and true differential profile measurements (0.3" / 8mm) along the full length of the piece at speeds of 2500 Hz.  HD colour images let your optimizer identify and classify defects for accurate grade classification.  HD laser profile measurements and the fastest data capture available let your system collect and analyze more complete data.  Combined with an 8" /203mm filed of view, BioLuma 2900LV is today's solution for advance transverse grade and profile scanning.  That translates to smarter decision processing and more value and recovery for your products.


Features and Benefits:

·         Fastest scan rate and best overall performance in the industry

·         HD data collection and fastest scan rate - more value and recovery through optimization

·         HD colour images - minute defect detection for accurate grade classification

·         HD laser profiles with true differential measurements - highest accuracy data

·         Supports USNR's MillExpert and Newnes software platforms

·         Gigabit-Ethernet - 10x to 100x faster than conventional networking

·         Rugged, fully sealed aluminum housing protects the components against vibration, dust and grime

·         Simple one-step calibration

·         Flexible configurations: new or upgrade



·         Edgers & Gangs:  all brands and styles of transverse systems

·         Trimmers: sawmill trimmer systems

·         Optimization:  USNR's MillExpert and Newnes sawmill suite

·         Upgrades: retrofit transverse Tricia and LPS3 systems

PDF: Image_E-215_BioLuma_2900LV-42271

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