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BM&M Wood Chip Screen
Code: 1402

BM&M Wood Chip Screen (2x available) Purchased 1996


Name: Geoff Strang

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Sawmilling | McCormack Demby Timber - Site & Equipment

Code: 1378

Site with Log Yard, Sawmill, Drymill, Reman, Heat Plant, Kilns and 50 Acres of land as a Going Concern


We have available a fully operational hardwood facility processing approx 60,000m3 log intake per annum.
Included is a Log Yard, Green Mill, Heat plant & Kilns. Drymill Processing, lamination plant and Gang Nail Presses.
With this is the Freehold Land including Buildings, Office Complex, Weighbridge, Amenities and 10t gantry over the Green mill.


· Integrated Engineering Primary Breakdown
· MEM Primary Breakdown
· MEM EndDogger
· MEM Twin Resaw
· Isle Forge 60” chipper
· Acrowood rotating screen
· ScanMeg log Scanner
· Techman stacker
· AE Gibson Stacker
· 10t and 20t overhead gantry crane
Drymill & Reman
· Mckeeko tilt hoist and stick removal with sling type hopper
· 2 x Newman Whitney top and bottom cutter planners 282-24 type
· Scancore 2D scanner
· MEM Cobra manual feed edger with laser setworks – P1010829
· Weinig Rainman multirip KR 450 M
· Paul Docker 14KE type
· Opticut 450 line docker
· Bruks drum chipper and site fabricated rotating chip screen
· BK-DH365x560
Heat plant & Kilns
· 11 x even flow CSIRO design low temp kilns
· 2 x aluminium  reconditioners
· 6 x 400m cube Mahild pre drying front fork loading pack kilns
· 2 x Norman J Hurl & Co Solid fuel steam boilers
· Dai type RUUD gas fired boiler
Log Yard
· Weighbridge
· Log yard watering system
Other items are not being used are
· Weinig 22 B Moulder
· Weinig U22 E Moulder 1985 6 head
· Gubisch 1563 7 head moulder ( previously used for laminated beams)
· Wadkin 4 head mach# FBP 632
· Rex Moulder HOMS 410K 6 head
· Laminated beam press
· Brook Finger jointer
· Numerous docking saws
· Various air compressors – condition unknown
· Dust extraction system & baghouse overhead bin
· SCM sander machine model LC 110
· End matcher
· Jonsered moulder


The mill capacity varies depending on the thickness and other parameters it is being used for. They ran the mill to cut quarter sawn hardwood. If it was used for cutting softwood and increased feed speeds were used, or thickness increased or log size was bigger the capacity would be higher.
The present Hardwood Green mill capacity per annum working a 38 hour week cutting hardwood is as follows;
· 50mm thick slab ~60,000 m3
· 38mm slab ~45,000 m3
· 25mm slab ~30,000 m3
They usually cut a mix of roughly 60% 50mm, 30% 38mm and 10% 25mm which gave us an annual throughput of around 52,500 to 55,000 m3.
The dry mill is measured on lm of slab per hour of production. It usually averages around 2,200lm of slab per hour with the Raimann cutting about 75% of that. They averaged around 2 pieces out per slab so docking capacity was 2 x 2200lm per hour roughly.
They have some log allocation available for sale with the Mill if required.

PDF: Image_McCormack_Demby_Timber_Site_Sale-41957

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