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Name: Jonathan McLachlan

Ph: +64 9 276 2402
Cell: +64 276 488 488
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Sawmilling | Boiler

Code: 1372

Age: 2005
Model no: 3MW 1100 Maxitherm
Low Water Level: 40mm of visible glass
Extra Low Water Level: 25mm of visible glass
Boiler High Water: +80mm from half glass
Normal Water: Half glass
Safety valve setting: 10.3 bar
Steam modulating controller: 8.5 bar
Low Fire hold: 2 bar
HP Cutout (Internal PLC) 9.2 bar
High Steam Pressure Switch: 9.8 bar
Air Pressure switch: 5 bar F
eedtank low water: 500mm from tank bottom
Combustion chamber
temperature high: 850°C
Feedline pressure low: 6.5 bar
Boiler Low pressure Alarm: 6 bar
Fuel: Wood chip or coal - currently using wood chip

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