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New Equipment

Surround Systems TWA 2000 Series
Surround Systems TWA 2000 Series Code: TWA-2000-Series
The TWA-2000 Surround Metal Detector Systems with proven MP-4 Digital Technology provide superb reliability and unmatched performance. The TWA-2000 Series Metal Detectors are the number one systems in the industry and they are proven to be the best investment you will ...


Log Processing - Optimisation

LASAR™ 3D Lasar Scanning Sensor
LASAR™ 3D Lasar Scanning Sensor Code: OP-04-ELasar
Full coverage 3D scanning sensor with unparalled resolution and data densityThe LASAR™ sensor is a unique and rugged, full-coverage hig-resolution 3D scanner that is ideal for close coupled sawing systems and large transverse deck bucking systems.  ...

Log Bucking Optimizer
Log Bucking Optimizer Code: NM-OP-07-ELogBuckingOptimizer
The Newnes-McGehee (NM) Bucking Optimiser is the ideal companion for NM primary breakdown and curve sawing optimisers. The bucking optimiser uses complete optimisation algorithms rather than lookup tables to ensure optimum value recovery. Curved logs can be bucked to ...

MillExpert Log Optimizer System
MillExpert Log Optimizer System Code: OP-19-ELogOptimizer
Provides more value than any other systemThe Log Optimiser is part of USNR's MillWide suite of optimisation products.  It combines dense 3D scan data with the power of today's high-speed computers to let you get the maximum value from every log.

MillWide Bucking Optimiser System
MillWide Bucking Optimiser System Code: OP-02-EBucking
Full 3D modeling and optimisation capabilities for maximum valueWith more features, capabilities and scanning options than any other system in the industry, the MillWide Bucking Optimiser system combines dense 3D scan data with the power of today's high speed computers ...

Smart TriCam™ Lineal Scanning System
Smart TriCam™ Lineal Scanning System Code: OP-06-ESmartTriCamLinealb
Most Accurate and Highest-Density 3D Lineal Scanning System in the IndustryThe Smart TriCam lineal scanning system provides complete profile measurements of objects moving longitudinally through a set of scanners.  Smart TriCam sensors are available in single or ...


Sawmills - Complete Sawmills

Overview Code: GE-01-EOverview
USNR is a world leader in the design, manufacturing, and installation of state of the art machinery, dry kilns, control systems, optimisation software, and high-capacity lift trucks for the wood processing industry.


Sawmills - Log Handling & Processing

Air Bag Conversion Kit
Air Bag Conversion Kit Code: MA-29-EAirBagConversionKit
USNR offers a conversion kit to modity your existing debarker rotor system to the Air Bag tensioning system.This is a simple and cost effective conversion, providing you with a more efficient and reliable debarking system that requires less maintenance and in most ...

Cambio Ring Debarker
Cambio Ring Debarker Code: E-031 CambioRingDebarker
Cambio Ring Debarker - 18" - 24" - 30" Rugged - Dependable - Economical

Debarker Self-Centering Infeed Conveyor
Debarker Self-Centering Infeed Conveyor Code: E-063 Debarker Infeed Conveyor
The self-centering infeed conveyor is a proven and effective method of centering the log to the debarker. The machine positions the log in both the horizontal and vertical planes, centering the log based on diameter, not weight. This enables it to maintain a true ...

MV Ring Debarker
MV Ring Debarker Code: E-034 MVRingDebarker
The USNR MV-Type Ring Debarker gives you excellent inline debarking performance in a great package. Our engineers have designed this debarker for maximum flexibility: our modular design means you get a custom machine at a non-custom price!

New and Rebuilt Rotors
New and Rebuilt Rotors Code: MA-30-ENewandRebuiltRotors

Pyramo Debarking System
Pyramo Debarking System Code: MA-24-EPyramoDebarkingSystem
In addition to original Cambio® parts, USNR also manufactures a complete line of Pyramo® tools and tool tips for 18F", 24/25", 26" and 30" debarkers. 

Tenax Debarking System
Tenax Debarking System Code: MA-40-ETenaxDebarkingSystem
Tenax Debarking System, providing a smart alternative for high-performance, reliable debarking.  Designed to retrofit any Cambio-style debarker, the Tenax tool system is also standard equipment on new USNR debarkers.

Tenax Tool Tips
Tenax Tool Tips Code: MA-39-ETenaxToolTips
Tenax Tool Tips offer a great selection of tips that provide high-performance and reliable debarking in extreme conditions, changing seasons and wood species.

Cambio 460 Debarker (18
Cambio 460 Debarker (18") Code: CAMBIO-460-DEBARKER
Cambio 460 is a debarker for small logs up to 460mm (18"). It operates at feed speeds up to 90 m/min. (295 feet/min.) Its simplicity, reliability, low service requirement and operating costs makes Cambio 460 the winner in its class for sawmills and log yards around ...


Sawmills - Primary Breakdown

CNS Conversions
CNS Conversions Code: MA-41-ECNSConversions
USNR offers a number of C-N-S conversions including Quad Spike Rolls, True Flow Knives, Top and Side head Round Slideways and Precision Vee-Flat Flighted Chain Upgrades

Extended Length Infeed
Extended Length Infeed Code: E-064 ELI
Selecting the proper infeed is a critical step in the pursuit of maximum log recovery. The right infeed will deliver your log in position to make the best first cut; a cut that influences every board retrieved from the log. USNR's Extended Length Infeed (ELI) system ...

High Strain Single Bandmills
High Strain Single Bandmills Code: NM-MA-29-ESingleBandmills
Newnes-McGehee has developed simple, yet multi-functional high strain bandmills for headrigs.  These bandmills offer high accuracy and maximum production, yet the simple design assures minimum maintenance.  They are available with 6' or 7' overhung wheels.

High Strain Twin/Quad Bandmills
High Strain Twin/Quad Bandmills Code: NM-MA-30-ETwin-QuadBandmills
Newnes-McGehee has developed simple, yet multi-functional high strain bandmills to meet any application for double length infeeds, sharp chain systems and resaws.  These bandmills offer high accuracy and maximum production, yet the simple design assures minimum ...

Knuckle Turner Infeed
Knuckle Turner Infeed Code: E-028 KTI
Single Length Infeed with Integrated Log TurningThe USNR Knuckle Turner Infeed.  With its small footprint, integrated log turning and accurate Slew / Skew positioning, this is the obvious choice for any small log line.

L&B Air Strain Bandmill
L&B Air Strain Bandmill Code: E-227 LandBAirStrainBandmill
King of Bandmills, the Letson & Burpee Air Strain Bandmill from USNR

Log Positioning Infeed
Log Positioning Infeed Code: E-099 SL3000 LogPositioningInfeed
The log positioning infeed system accurately determines the shape of the log, calculates the highest-value cutting solution, then accurately rotates, positions and transports the log through the cutting tools.

Quad Arbor Saw Box
Quad Arbor Saw Box Code: E-039 QuadArborSawBox
USNR's Quad Arbor Sawbox is a circular saw alternative to a quad bandmill that features the new Even Depth of Cut (EDC) technology. This innovation alleviates many of the problems commonly associated with the typical fixed arbor sawboxes.

SL2500 Small Log Processor
SL2500 Small Log Processor Code: E-085 SL2500SmallLogProcessor
USNR's small log processing systems offer production rates and accuracy for today's competitive processors.  As a single source supplier, USNR provides and supports true shape scanning, intuitive controls and robust mechanical components in fully integrated ...

True Flow Knife System
True Flow Knife System Code: MA-10-ETrueFlowConical
Conical Chipper Head Knife USNR's True flow high-performance knife system is an outstanding alternative for either drumstyle or conical chipper heads.

True Flow Knife System
True Flow Knife System Code: MA-11-ETrueFlowDrum
Drum-Style Chipper Knife USNR's True Flow high-performance knife system is an outstanding alternative for either drum style or conical shipper heads.  The True Flow knife system was designed using sophisticated 3D solid modeling CAD software, resulting in a ...

USNR Carriage
USNR Carriage Code: E-020 USNR Carriage
Heavy Duty ConstructionUSNR Log Carriages continue a long-established tradition of superior construction that stands up to the most demanding sawmill environment.

USNR Sharp Chain
USNR Sharp Chain Code: E-194 USNR Sharp Chain

Vee-Chipper Canter System
Vee-Chipper Canter System Code: E-029 VeeChipper
USNR's Vee-Chipper Canter System continues a long-established tradition of bullet-proof construction that stands up to the most demanding operating cycles. This machine will stand up to the abuse of volume production for many years to come!

CombiCut Disc
CombiCut Disc Code: CombiCut-Disc
CombiCut Disc is the chipperhead that combines two technologies - step chipping and spiral chipping. The disc design provides a very high proportion of quality chips, optimum surface finish, low energy consumption and safe operation at all temperatures. Tool change is ...

Logmaster HPS Bandmill
Logmaster HPS Bandmill Code: Logmaster-HPS-Bandmill
Logmaster HPS effectively satisfies your need for high speed bandsaw production. This design maximizes production and performance with its thin saw kerfs, and the result is excellent yields. Logmaster HPS is designed for feed speeds up to 180 m/min (590 feet/min) and ...

Sharp Chain Infeed
Sharp Chain Infeed Code: Sharp-Chain-Infeed
USNR sharp chain systems are designed to maximize chain life and minimize operating costs. When you’re comparing sharp chain systems there are three things you should consider: performance, durability, and operating cost. USNR sharp chain systems deliver them all.


Sawmills - Secondary Breakdown

GenII™ Gang
GenII™ Gang Code: E-093 GenIIGang
GenII is the next step in the evolution of shape sawing designed by the pioneers of optimized curve sawing technology. Newnes- McGehee’s GenII gang offers many improvements to this already proven technology.

High Strain Horizontal Bandmills
High Strain Horizontal Bandmills Code: NM-MA-31-EHorizontalResawBandmills
Newnes-McGehee has developed simple high strain bandmills to meet any application for horizontal resaws. Thes bandmills offer hig accuracy and maximum production, yet the simple design assures minimum maintenance. They are available with 5' or 6' overhung wheels, and ...

HSS System
HSS System Code: E-023 HSS System
Horizontal Shape Sawing SystemThe USNR Horizontal Shape Sawing (HSS) system is the next generation of curve sawing technology that solves many of the problems associated with traditional curve sawing machines, including issues with accurace, recovery, overfeeding ...

Profiling Curve Saw Gangs
Profiling Curve Saw Gangs Code: NM-MA-13-EProfilingCurveSawGangs
Newnes-McGehee (NM) has expanded its range of curve sawing equipment to include side profiling of the jacket boards. This machine functions with any of our 3 system feed configurations: Linear, Transverse or QuickScan.

RoboGang™ Curve Sawing Gang
RoboGang™ Curve Sawing Gang Code: E-094 RoboGang
RoboGang is the next step in the evolution of shape sawing designed by the pioneers of optimized curve sawing technology. The RoboGang concept allows high speed shape sawing in both horizontal and vertical orientation.USNR has applied a new concept to numerically ...

Vertical Single / Double Arbor Gangs
Vertical Single / Double Arbor Gangs Code: E-092 VSA-VDAGang
The VSA/VDA gang systems are designed to fit any gangsaw application. Built in the traditional USNR fashion, these vertical gangsaws are rugged, with easy to maintain and operate features. The many options offer customization to suit any sawmill’s particular needs.

VSS System
VSS System Code: E-025 VSS System
Vertical Shape Sawing SystemThe VSS cuts along an optimised path to get the greatest number of high-quality boards out of every log.  The VSS follows the wood grain more accurately, resulting in higher quality lumber than a straight sawing system.  You also ...


Sawmills - Edgers

Edger Maximizer System
Edger Maximizer System Code: MA-06-EEdgerMaximizerSystem
Unscrambler - Transfer - Scanner - Infeed - EdgerThe USNR Edger Maximiser System is a complete package made up of state of the art modules

Optimized Edger Systems
Optimized Edger Systems Code: NM-MA-15-EOptimizedEdgerSystems
High performance edger systems offer fast, reliable and accurate sawing, while new technologies extend system  capabilities to improve downstream processes.

SGII Charger Table
SGII Charger Table Code: NM-MA-19-ESGIIChargerTable
The Super-GII charger table is the center piece of the Newnes-McGehee optimised transverse edger line.  It positions flitches accurately at very high cycle rates.  The positioning system eliminates edge crush to maximise recovery.


Sawmills - Trimmers, Sorters & Stackers

Trimmer Positioning Fence & Transfer
Trimmer Positioning Fence & Transfer Code: NM-MA-08-ETrimmerPositioning
The Newnes-McGehee (NM) Trimmer Positioning Fence positions lumber accurately at very high speeds before it enters the Trimmer.

USNR Lunden Stacker
USNR Lunden Stacker Code: E-018
The USNR Lunden Stacker is the original automatic sticker stacker, imitated by many, but matched by none.  The Lunden Stacker System features stickers on the stacker forks and lumber on the stickers when the carriage cycles.  This results in packages of great ...


Sawmills - Sawshop Equipment

Dual Head Saw Guide Resurfacer
Dual Head Saw Guide Resurfacer Code: MA-35-ESawGuideResurfacer
USNR's dual Head Saw Guide Resurfacer is a precision unit designed for accuracy, reliability and efficiency in saw guide resurfacing.

Saw Guides
Saw Guides Code: MA-34-ESawGuides
When it comes to saw guides it just doesn't make sense to take any chances.  That's why so many mills choose USNR saw guides, even for non-USNR gangs and edgers.  Here's why they trust USNR saw guides to do the job:


Sawmills - Chip, Sawdust & Bark

Forano Chip Screen
Forano Chip Screen Code: MA-46-E
USNR's Forano Chip Screen is a high capacity screen that allows your mill to take advantage of an important source of income: wood chips. The Forano chip Screen requires minimal maintenance, so you can spend your time and budget elsewhere.

Forano Disc Chipper
Forano Disc Chipper Code: MA-32-EForanoDiscChipper
The USNR Forano Disc Chipper is available in four sizes and three configurations to meet your specific wastewood processing requirements.  Each model can also accomodate bottom, rear and top discharge for maximum flexibility.

Horizontal Chipper System
Horizontal Chipper System Code: E-036 HorizontalChipper
The Horizontal Chipper is a workhorse designed for high-production mills.  Conical chip heads operate in the vertical plane which reduces side chipping forces, resulting in smoother feeding, better quality chips and longer-lasting knives.

Norman Disc Chipper
Norman Disc Chipper Code: MA-33-ENormanDiscChipper
The exclusive, tested design of the USNR Norman Chipper is bringing greater profits to chip manufacturers around the world. Truly uniform chips are the result of the USNR Norman Chipper’s continuous cutting action that makes it the only chipper of its kind!

Optimised Chipper Spout
Optimised Chipper Spout Code: MA-28-EOptimisedChipperSpout
In a continued commitment to innovation, USNR has implemented several design changes to the Forano style chipper spout that improve chip quality and reduce maintenance costs.

Rotary Hog
Rotary Hog Code: MA-31-ERotaryHog
When it comes to shredding waste material, there just isn’t any better value than USNR’s Rotary Hog. These rugged machines provide maximum production at the lowest cost per ton.

Super Chip Screen
Super Chip Screen Code: MA-19-ESuperChipScreen
The USNR Super Chip Screen makes a great addition to your mill to take advantage of an important source of income: wood chips. The Super Chip Screen requires minimal maintenance, so you can spend your time and budget elsewhere.

(NEW) ERJO 165 SN Chipper
(NEW) ERJO 165 SN Chipper Code: ERJO-165SN
As agents of ERJO, we are proud to be able to provide: ERJO 165 SN Chipper This chipper has many features, including: • Handles a wide range of materials • Produces uniform size fuel chips • Ideal for automatic furnace feeding • Self-feeding – safe ...

(NEW) ERJO 200 SN Chipper
(NEW) ERJO 200 SN Chipper Code: ERJO-200SN
As agents for ERJO, we are proud to be able to provide: ERJO 200 SN Chipper This chipper has many features, including: • Handling a wide range of materials • Produces uniform size fuel chips • Ideal for furnace feeding • Self-feeding – safe ...

(NEW) ERJO Type HSM Chipper Range Horizontal Feed
(NEW) ERJO Type HSM Chipper Range Horizontal Feed Code: ERJO-HSM
As agents of ERJO, we are proud to provide: ERJO Type HSM Horizontal Feed Chipper Range The ERJO Horizontal Feed Chipper Range produces pulp and board chips as well as fuel chips from edgings, slabs and trimmings. The machines are available in three (3) ...

(NEW) ERJO Type VS Drop Feed Chipper Range
(NEW) ERJO Type VS Drop Feed Chipper Range Code: ERJO-VS
As agents for ERJO, we are proud to provide: ERJO Type VS Chipper This ERJO Drop Feed Chipper produces pulp and board chips as well as fuel chips from edgings, slabs and trimmings. The machines are available in three (3) styles: • The Type VSF – with fan for ...


Sawmills - Scanning & Optimisation

BioVision System
BioVision System Code: OP-23-E

Dynastar™ Code: OP-22-E

LineMaster G3™
LineMaster G3™ Code: OP-10-ELineMasterG3
Hardwood Lineal Edger OptimiserUSNR brings you the future of optimisation technology with the LineMaster G3™.  Packed with features that ensure the highest fiber recovery with the ability to control the appearance of your products for maximum grade ...

MillExpert Edger Optimizer System
MillExpert Edger Optimizer System Code: OP-18-EEdger
Full coverage, high-density 3D scanning for lineal and transverse applications

MillExpert Log Turner Optimiser System
MillExpert Log Turner Optimiser System Code: OP-13-ELogTurner
Programmable Turn Increments Along with Risk and Stabilikty Analysis to Insure the Best Turn on Every Log

MillExpert Trimmer Optimizer System
MillExpert Trimmer Optimizer System Code: OP-20-ETrimmer
Full coverage, high-density 3D scanning and many configurable options offer superior board control.Combining dense 3D scan data with the power of today's gigh-speed computers, the MillExpert Trimmer Optimiser lets you get the maximum value from every board.  ...

MillWide Cant Optimizer System
MillWide Cant Optimizer System Code: OP-15-ECant
Combining dense 3D scan data with the power of today's high-speed computers, the MillWide Cant Optimiser system lets you get the maximum value from every cant.  The complete solution indludes scanning, optimisation and information management along with full ...

MillWide Carriage Optimizer System
MillWide Carriage Optimizer System Code: OP-16-ECARRIAGE
Simultaneous 3D front and back side scanning for hardwood and softwood applications.The LASARTM based MillWide Carriage Optimiser combines dense 3D scan data with the power of today's high-speed computers to let you get the maximum value from every log.

MillWide Control Systems
MillWide Control Systems Code: OP-07-EMillWideControlSystems
USNR Control Systems feature the extremely efficient Factory Wired System (FWS) of distributed I/OUSNR's Factory Wired System (FWS) is a revolutionary PLC system based on a distributed I/O system architecture.  The system uses Allen-Bradley ControlLogix ...

MillWide End-Dogging Carriage Optimiser System
MillWide End-Dogging Carriage Optimiser System Code: OP-21-EEDCCarriage
Simultaneous 3D front and back side scanning for hardwood and softwood applicationsThe LASARTM based End-Dogging Carriage optimiser combines dense 3D scan data with the power of today's high-speed computers to let you get the maximum value from every log.

Millwide Web System
Millwide Web System Code: OP-14-EMILLWIDEWEB
Data Mining and Distribution System Provides Instant Analysis of Profit and Loss Centers

Optimization from Bucking to Grading
Optimization from Bucking to Grading Code: NM-OP-01-EOptimization
Our comprehensive suite of integrated optimisation systems harnesses technology to create innovative solutions that satisfy today's requirements and set the stage to meet the challenges of tomorrow.

Optimized Curved Sawing Systems
Optimized Curved Sawing Systems Code: E-072 OptimizedCurveSawingSystems
Curve sawing offers increased value, higher volume recovery, longer length side boards, and stronger lumber. Today’s advanced systems meet the challenges in speed, accuracy and recovery.

Sawmill BioScan System
Sawmill BioScan System Code: NM-OP-06-ESawmillBioScanSystem
Trimmer and Edger Defect ScanningHighest value optimized decisions with proven grade and recovery performance based on visual defect detection, rules based classification and highly accurate geometric measurements.

Smart TriCam™ Transverse Scanning System
Smart TriCam™ Transverse Scanning System Code: OP-05-ESmartTriCamTransverse
Most accurate and highest-density 3D transverse scanning system in the industry 

TrimMaster G3™
TrimMaster G3™ Code: OP-11-ETrimMasterG3
Hardwood Trimmer OptimiserUSNR brings you the future of optimisation technology with the TrimMaster G3™.  Packed with features that ensure the highest fiber recovery with the ability to control the appearance of your products for maximum grade and ...

True-Read Grade Mark Recognition System
True-Read Grade Mark Recognition System Code: NM-OP-08-ETrue-ReadGradeMarkReader
Grade Mark Recognition SystemHighest accuracy rate in the industry offers lower re-run and off-grade rates.

WaneMaster G3™
WaneMaster G3™ Code: OP-12-EWaneMasterG3
Hardwood Edger OptimizerUSNR brings you the future of optimisation technology with the WaneMaster G3™.  Packed with features that ensure the highest fiber recovery with the ability to control the appearance of your products for maximum grade and value.

WinTally Code: NM-MA-16-EWinTally
 WinTally™ is Newnes-McGehee's solution for sorter management in the sawmill and planermill.  Production information is captured by WinTally™ as boards pass into the sorter and arrages data into an organized and logical dtabase.  Information ...

YieldMaster G3™ with Stereo Scan™
YieldMaster G3™ with Stereo Scan™ Code: OP-01-EYeildMasterG3
Hardwood Carriage Optimiser.The YeildMaster G3™ system scans and tapers each log precisely according to the grade and targeted products specified by the sawer using our patented StereoScan™ 3-D scanning for headrig carriages.

BioLuma™ 2900L Sensor
BioLuma™ 2900L Sensor Code: E-213 BioLuma
Highest speed transverse HD Laser profiling gives you the best overall performance in the industry. Advanced Transverse Laser Profile Scanning Precise HD laser profile scanning of boards and flitches at scan rates that will more than match today's high speed ...

BioLuma™ 2900LV Sensor
BioLuma™ 2900LV Sensor Code: E-215 BioLuma
HD colour vision combined with HD laser profiling at the highest scan rate - the best overall performance for sawmill transverse scanning Advanced Transverse Scanning: HD Colour Vision + HD Laser Profiling HD colour vision and HD laser profiling in a single, ...


Boilers & Kilns - Kilns

Hardwood Package  Dry Kilns
Hardwood Package Dry Kilns Code: E-007
With more than a century of experience in lumber rying, USNR is the clear choice for Hardwood Dry Kilns.  Some of the industry leading features you find on our hardwood dry kilns are listed below:Durable and ReliableComplete Drying controlFlexible to Fit Your Needs

High Temperature Track Kiln
High Temperature Track Kiln Code: E-010
USNR Irvington-Moore dry kilns are improving efficiency and increasing profits in operations like yours throughout the world. We've been manufacturing kiln drying systems for over 100 years, and we can show you how to ad the real profits that come from quality kiln ...

Kiln Boss Computer Control System
Kiln Boss Computer Control System Code: E-009
USNR's Kiln Boss systems allow you to easily control all important wood drying variables. The system tracks your custom drying schedules, alerts you to trouble or system changes, and reports batch and historical statistics for your review.

Load Boss - In-Kiln Weight Scale System
Load Boss - In-Kiln Weight Scale System Code: E-008
Adding the USNR Load Boss to your lumber drying operation gives you another level of control.  The Load Boss System uses sensitive electronics to precisely measure the weights of sample boards distributed within your lumber stack.  The Load Boss gives you the ...

Sloped Grate Green Burner
Sloped Grate Green Burner Code: E-011
USNR-Irvington-Moore presents the Sloped Grate Green Sawdust Burner with Turbo Technology™ which allows you to get the economy of direct-fired dry kilns and the clean performance of steam-heated dry kilns, all in one package.

Triple-Length Continuous (TLC) Kiln
Triple-Length Continuous (TLC) Kiln Code: DK-01-ETLCKiln
USNR continues its tradition of innovation with the Triple-Length Continuous (TLC) Dry Kiln. This unique new concept in drying technology delivers continuous non-stop production, enabling you to increase your kiln production by up to 50%, while using your existing ...



Multi-Track Fence
Multi-Track Fence Code: E-181
Multi-Track Fence Overview The Multi-Track Fence is a cost effective solution for mills that require a rapid, highly accurate fencing system for the most demanding applications. This fence accommodates high speeds with very precise board position, an excellent ...


Planermills - Tilthoists & Infeeds

Beam Style Tilt Hoist
Beam Style Tilt Hoist Code: NM-MA-24-ETiltHoist
The Newnes-McGehee beam style tilt hoist is made with heavy duty knees and is designed and constructed for rugged use.  It features an hydraulic cylinder hoist for precise indexing of packages without mechanical clutches or brakes.


Planermills - Planers & Moulders

Positive-Lead Planer
Positive-Lead Planer Code: MA-43-EPositive-LeadPlaner
USNR High-Speed Planers utilize our patented Positive-Lead technology to help reduce sniping. OUr proven designs have reliably finished billions of board feet of lumber over the last several years, generating praise from our customers and the respect of our ...

Coastal High Speed Planers
Coastal High Speed Planers Code: E-065
USNR's Coastal Planer offers the best finish and the quickest product changeover in the industry. Thy system maximizes production and quality while minimizing downtime.

Stratoplan High Speed Planing Machines
Stratoplan High Speed Planing Machines Code: Stratoplan
Planing at Tempo 450 to 1000 m/min Great features that make woodworking accurate and perfect.


Planermills - Trimmers & Sorters

Accu-Trim Trimmer
Accu-Trim Trimmer Code: MA-05-EAccu-TrimLineShaft
The USNR Accu-Trim Line-Shaft Trimmer is one of the most robust trimmers on the market with the ability to position saws at one-foot increments.  The Accu-Trim Line-Shaft Trimmer has a proven track record achieving 160+ LPM in sawmills and 200+ LPM in planermills.

Bin Sorter
Bin Sorter Code: MA-03-EBinSorter
Drag Chain, J-Bar and Pusher LugUSNR Bin Sorters feature smart, flexible designs that can be customized to handle a mill's specific needs.  USNR Bin Sorters are available in three styles:  Drag Chain, J-Bar and pusher Lug.  All USNR Bin Sorters are ...

Grade Station Systems
Grade Station Systems Code: NM-MA-12-EGradeStationSystemsa
Newnes –McGehee’s Grade Station system offers “hands free” grading eliminating fatigue and injury from carpal tunnel syndrome.Boards are lifted out of a lug, parked in front of the grader momentarily, then turned and parked once again. Graders ...

Lineshaft Trimmer
Lineshaft Trimmer Code: NM-MA-03-ELineshaftTrimmer
The Newnes-McGehee Multi-Saw Trimmer provides end trim and cut back to an accurate board length. The universal design of the Trimmer allows it to be installed into existing systems, non optimized production lines or as an integral part of an optimized Trimmer/Sorter ...

Low Profile Trimmer
Low Profile Trimmer Code: NM-MA-02-ELowProfileTrimmer
High speed, accuracy and reliability. Low profile, maintenance and noise. Designed for increased safety, accessibility and production.

Newtronic Lug Loader
Newtronic Lug Loader Code: NM-MA-20-ENewtronicLugLoader
Consistently loads random width, thickness and length material into lugs automatically

Quad Cam Board Feeder / Lug Loader
Quad Cam Board Feeder / Lug Loader Code: MA-14-EQuadCamBoardFeeder
When it comes to lug loading technology, there is simply no better solution than USNR's patented Quad Cam technology.  Whatever your application, the USNR Quad Cam Board Feeder can be configured to meet your Needs.

Revolver Lug Loader
Revolver Lug Loader Code: NM-MA-04-ERevolverLugLoader
The Revolver lug loader is capable of speeds of 200+ LPM in studmill applications. The Revolver is suitable for retrofit and new installations in sawmills, planermills, and reman plants.

Sling Sorter
Sling Sorter Code: MA-44-ESlingSorter
USNR Sling Sorters feature simple, flexible designs that can be customized to handle a mill's specific needs. USNR Sling Sorters are available in three styles: Drag Chain, J-Bar and Pusher Lug. All USNR Sling Sorters are suitable for green or dry applications.

Slow Down Belt
Slow Down Belt Code: NM-MA-25-ESlowDownBelt
Newnes-McGehee’s slow down belt provides deceleration from a planer outfeed conveyor and gentle placement of the lumber onto a landing transfer.

Transfers and Rollcases
Transfers and Rollcases Code: NM-MA-18-ETransfersandRollcases
Newnes-McGehee provides a variety of transfers and rollcases. All units are designed for fast, smooth and accurate movement.

Unscramblers Code: NM-MA-17-EUnscrambler
Newnes-McGehee unscramblers are constructed for use in the most demanding production lines.

Vertical Bin Sorter
Vertical Bin Sorter Code: NM-MA-05-EVerticalBinSorter
The efficient bin design of the Newnes-McGehee (NM) Vertical Bin Sorter greatly minimizes its overall length as well as construction and installation costs. The zero speed minimum drop design of the bin coupled with the exceptionally smooth discharge, result in the ...


Planermills - Stackers

Hi-Speed Stacker
Hi-Speed Stacker Code: NM-MA-07-EHi-SpeedStacker
The hi-speed stacker pre-stages the lumber tiers, separating the tier dividing action from the stacking fork movement. This allows the stacker fork motion to be controlled smoothly, even at very high speeds.

Lumber Stacker
Lumber Stacker Code: NM-MA-06-ELumberStacker
Newnes-McGehee’s lumber stacker has earned an excellent reputation for quality and reliability based on performance in hundreds of mills over the last three decades.

Magazine Stick & Lath Placers
Magazine Stick & Lath Placers Code: NM-MA-11-EMagazineStickandLathPlacers
Newnes-McGehee's Magazine Stick placer is designed to automatically place a stick onto the top of each successive tier of lumber during the stacking cycle, thereby consistently creating evenly stacked, stable kiln loads.

Rotary Vacuum Lath Placer
Rotary Vacuum Lath Placer Code: NM-MA-09-ERotaryVacuumLathPlacer
Newnes-McGehee’s Rotary Vacuum Lath Placer is designed to automatically place lath onto pre-determined tiers of a lumber package during the stacking cycle.The unique design of the lath placer uses a vacuum sytem to handle very thin veneer lath, down to a ...

Slant Hopper Stick Placer
Slant Hopper Stick Placer Code: NM-MA-10-ESlantHopperStickPlacer
Newnes-McGehee (NM) stick placing equipment has evolved since inception in the 1960’s to include development of the Slant Hopper Stick Placer. Utilizing the best features of the previous models and incorporating a new stick placing mechanism, NM has designed ...


Planermills - Press, Strap & Packaging

Hydraulic Endpress
Hydraulic Endpress Code: NM-MA-26-EEndpress
Newnes-McGehee's hydraulic endpress is available in several designs to suit various flow plans and operating systems,

Paper Feeder and Cutter
Paper Feeder and Cutter Code: E-098 Paper Feeder Cutter
USNR's paper feeder and cutter is designed to dispense and cut to length the correct amount of paper to wrap a package of lumber.


Planermills - Optimisation

LHG E-Valuator™ Module
LHG E-Valuator™ Module Code: NM-OP-04-ELHGE-Valuator
Board vibration measurment combined with proven X-ray density measurments provides MSR evaluation with more acurate Modulus of Elasticity (MOE) predictions and greater yields.

LHG with DataFusion™
LHG with DataFusion™ Code: NM-OP-05-ELHGwithDataFusion
The Linear High Grader with DataFusion offers a true technical solution in the quest for fully automated grading. It integrates various complementary technologies to yield a highly accurate lumber grading system.



Ledinek Dekoplan
Ledinek Dekoplan Code: Dekoplan
A special planer for decorative planing and structuring of tongue and groove boards, 4 side planed solid wood boards or other similar products for interior design. Also suitable for decoration of decking, cladding, parquet, logs for log homes, facade boards or ...

Ledinek Glulam Beam Plant
Ledinek Glulam Beam Plant Code: Glulam BP

Ledinek Hyperpress
Ledinek Hyperpress Code: Hyperpress
CNC Press for Curved Beams Wood without limits! A dream? Not anymore. Let our new press surprise you with it's great suitability to press a variety of wood forms that you may have not even shaped yet. Discover the new Hyperpress that opens a competely new ...

Ledinek Kontizink - Finger Jointing Line
Ledinek Kontizink - Finger Jointing Line Code: Kontizink
The KONTIZINK finger jointing line can be used for the production of laminations for glulam beams for duo and trio beams as well as for solid finger jointed constructional timber. Fingers are formed perpendicular to the broadside of the work piece. Left side ...

Ledinek Rotoles
Ledinek Rotoles Code: Rotoles
The new generation of the Rotoles machines has filled in the gap between the surface calibrating machines and the top speed planing machines. Now, there is the Rotoles method also with multi-spindle machine variations have preserved all main advantages of the Rotoles ...

Ledinek Superplan
Ledinek Superplan Code: Superplan
High Performance Planer and Moulder

Ledinek X-Cut
Ledinek X-Cut Code: XCut
A high performance cross-cut saw

Ledinek X-Press
Ledinek X-Press Code: XPress
Ledinek X-PRESS Rediscover wood construction. Prefabricated wooden walls, roofs, whole houses, everything is possible. Make a step into the future of construction with our new X-PRESS.


Remanufacturing - Reman General Equipment

Mann-Russell™ Code: CM-GS-01-E
Radio Frequency Gluing Systems Cost-effective, high production of custom engineered wood products, in batch or continuous process


Remanufacturing - Optimisation

Addvantage Chop Saw
Addvantage Chop Saw Code: NM-OP-03-EAddVantageChopSaw
Four-sided, multi-channel vision detects tight vs loose knots, cracks, shake, stain, grain angle and color.

AddVantage Rip Saw Optimiser
AddVantage Rip Saw Optimiser Code: NM-OP-02-EAddVantageRipSaw
Scans wide boards and flitches to determine the optimum rip and chop combination.


General Equipment - Plywood

BlockPLUS™ Code: E-004
Profile and Lathe Charger Control System The most accurate block profile in the industry. 5-7% increase in throughput, and 2-3% increase in recovery.

Veneer Drying Systems
Veneer Drying Systems Code: E-002
The control and management of the heated airflow define the quality and consistency of the dried veneer and the cost effectiveness of the drying process.

Veneer Lathe Systems
Veneer Lathe Systems Code: E-005
We invented the rotary lathe and have continued to lead the field with engineering innovations and technology advancements. No other lathe produces greater recovery, more throughput and higher quality veneer.


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