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Name: Jonathan McLachlan

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Category:  Sawmilling  >  Used Equipment  >  Log Processing

Log Processing

SOLD - Log Sorting 2x18 - SOLD
SOLD - Log Sorting 2x18 - SOLD Code: 3106
Log sorting line 2x18 boxes incl. Rema electronics. 1. Log deck. 2. Scraper conveyor and belt conveyors for cleaning under log deck. 3. Step feeder. 4. Log haul conveyor. 5. Metal detector with conveyor. 6. Sorting conveyor ...

Vitech Grading Stations
Vitech Grading Stations Code: 3088
Vitech grading stations 2 grading stations for sorting lines. Manufactured by Vitech AB. Used for grading of boards and centre pieces in a sorting line.


Log Sorters

Log Sort 2x7
Log Sort 2x7 Code: 3207
Log Sorting 2 x 7 pockets + waste pocket. Extra pockets can be added. Sawco measuring equipment from 2011-12. Metal detector. Log Crane. Frequency speed control on log haul.

Log Sorting 2x10
Log Sorting 2x10 Code: 3187
Log sorting line 2x10 boxes incl. Rema electronics.

SOLD - Log Sorting 2x6 - SOLD
SOLD - Log Sorting 2x6 - SOLD Code: 3159
Log sorting line 2x6 boxes incl Rema electronics


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