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Name: Jonathan McLachlan

Ph: +64 9 276 2402
Cell: +64 276 488 488
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Bin Sling Sorter & 2003 Stacker for 8' Wide Packages
Bin Sling Sorter & 2003 Stacker for 8' Wide Packages Code: 1361
Sling Sorter: 48 bays sling sorter, pusher lug 1992 Bottom chain transfers Stacker: 20' Huot, high speed stacker single forks 2003, 8' wide green packages

Full Length Optimised Docking Saw
Full Length Optimised Docking Saw Code: 1309
Full length Optimised Docking Saw Olonga T10-20NO

Gunnarssons 5m Multisaw Trimmer
Gunnarssons 5m Multisaw Trimmer Code: 1354
Gunnarssons 5m Multisaw Trimmer Model JV190 Still operational until early 2010.

LH Optimized Trimmer
LH Optimized Trimmer Code: 1360
Left Hand Optimized Trimmer: Single board unscrambler 2000 Newnes Revolver lug loader 2000 PHL Industries 20' high speed trimmer 2000 comes with 11 motorized saws 7.5hp (saws ajustable - see pics - note pic for motor specs) D-TEC 20' optimization, scanner DTec ...


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