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Name: John McLachlan

Ph: +64 9 276 2402
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Slabbers & Canters

Ari SKR-600 Chipper Canter
Ari SKR-600 Chipper Canter Code: 3123
Ari SKR-600 chipper canter. Technical data Max. log diameter............................... 650 mm Min. log length........................................ 2.5 m

Canter-Twin Sawline
Canter-Twin Sawline Code: 1362
Canter-Twin Sawline: Kockums 6' Twin band saws 1981 shop rebuilt by USNR in 2005

Carriage Head Rig
Carriage Head Rig Code: 1356
Albany 1976/Cleerman 2007, 4 knees, temposonics, new in 2007, ran until 2008.

Kockums Chipper Canter
Kockums Chipper Canter Code: 1461
Kockums Chipper Canter Type 240-12C Recently replaced feed rolls.

Schurman CM&E Slabber
Schurman CM&E Slabber Code: 1440
Fully serviceable unit. Skookum Technology can help with supply spare parts. - True Flow Chipping Heads. Side Head Specs: - Head RPM: 686 - 4 Knives - Chip Length – 1’ (25mm) NOM - Supplied with a 505UZ TEFC motor

Soderhamn Combi Spiral Discs
Soderhamn Combi Spiral Discs Code: 3147
Combi spiral discs for Söderhamn chipper canter 240 - 12

Soderhömn 240-12 No 68 858
Soderhömn 240-12 No 68 858 Code: 3024
Söderhamn chipper canter type 240-12 with 2 spiral discs. Max log diameter: 500 mm. Min log length: 2,5 m. Max opening between discs: 400 mm. Canter discs can be replaced with other types when available.


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