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Name: Donna Neil

Ph: +64 9 276 2402
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Bruks Butt Reducer
Bruks Butt Reducer Code: 2114
Bruks Butt Reducer Fully Refurbished, Cleaned and Painted - All Bearings Replaced - New Diablo Roller Flights

Bruks RR 1000
Bruks RR 1000 Code: 3181
Bruks RR 1000

Bruks RR 2000
Bruks RR 2000 Code: 3182
Bruks RR 2000 The machine is in good condition, can be overhauled to excellent condition.

Bruks RR 400
Bruks RR 400 Code: 3180
Bruks RR 400 butt end reducer

Brunette MKV-35 Debarker
Brunette MKV-35 Debarker Code: 1310
Heavy duty main frame - RH One piece frame construction Eight feedrolls Four feedroll air cylinders

Cambio 66 Guide Work
Cambio 66 Guide Work Code: 3117
Debarker Cambio 66 guidework with hydraulic dampers. In working condition or rebuilt!

Cambio 70-66 BA
Cambio 70-66 BA Code: 3013
Reconditioned Cambio 66 BA with hydraulic dampers. Driveunit with new chain, sprockets, shafts and bearings. New rotor bearing. New toolholders, tools Söderhamn Camtool, all new bearings and sealings. Feedwork with new feed rollers, reinforced hubs, new gear kit ...

Cambio 71-75 Debarker
Cambio 71-75 Debarker Code: 2182
This is a heavy duty high capacity debarker.

Cambio 75 - Reconditioned
Cambio 75 - Reconditioned Code: 3158
Totally Reconditioned and Painted 30" - up to 700mm diameter logs

Log Debarker Infeeder - New
Log Debarker Infeeder - New Code: 3052
New log infeed conveyor suitable for logs up to diameter 450 mm. Complete with drive unit and hydraulic power pack. Feed speed 60 m/min.

Nicholson 54
Nicholson 54" Debarker Code: 1317
Nicholson 43" Model 'A;. Built in 1954, retrofitted with Nicholson 54" ring in 1992

Remill Guidework
Remill Guidework Code: 3184
Remill guidework for Cambio 66 and 75. In good condition.

SOLD - A5 Nicholson Debarker Line - SOLD
SOLD - A5 Nicholson Debarker Line - SOLD Code: 1452
Model 35IN - A5 Y.O.M. 1988 Includes: - Infeed - Outfeed - Spare main ring seals and bearings - spare roller gears - Infeed/outfeed rollers. Located Country NSW

SOLD - Cambio 500 - SOLD
SOLD - Cambio 500 - SOLD Code: 3098
Debarker Cambio 500 AirTen with hydraulic dampers. The machine is overhauled and in excellent condition. New feed rollers and sealings.

SOLD - Remill 750 De Barker Infeeder - SOLD
SOLD - Remill 750 De Barker Infeeder - SOLD Code: 3119
Remill 750 infeed conveyor suitable for big logs.

SOLD - Valon Kone 800 Debarker - SOLD
SOLD - Valon Kone 800 Debarker - SOLD Code: 3161
This machine is in great original condition. 6 Knife machine Infeed and Outfeed Photos don’t do the machine justice, it will look good once it is cleaned and checked over.

SOLD - VK 600 - SOLD
SOLD - VK 600 - SOLD Code: 3183
Debarker VK 600/5 incl. infeed conveyor. The machine is in good condition, can be overhauled to excellent condition.

Valon Kone 24-25
Valon Kone 24-25" Debarker Code: 2201
24-25" Valon Kone Debarker Ring Dimension: 640mm Includes infeed, outfeed & powerpack

VK800 + VK Infeed Conveyor
VK800 + VK Infeed Conveyor Code: 3162
VK800 + VK Infeed Conveyor Fully reconditioned debarker. VK800 Debarker Number of Knives: 6 Debarking Diameter 100-800mm Min Log Length 2.2m VK Infeed Conveyor Note: This machine is ex Europe, Excluding loading into container and freight.


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