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Infeeds & Outfeeds

CNS Conversions
CNS Conversions Code: MA-41-ECNSConversions
USNR offers a number of C-N-S conversions including Quad Spike Rolls, True Flow Knives, Top and Side head Round Slideways and Precision Vee-Flat Flighted Chain Upgrades

Extended Length Infeed
Extended Length Infeed Code: E-064 ELI
Selecting the proper infeed is a critical step in the pursuit of maximum log recovery. The right infeed will deliver your log in position to make the best first cut; a cut that influences every board retrieved from the log. USNR's Extended Length Infeed (ELI) system ...

Knuckle Turner Infeed
Knuckle Turner Infeed Code: E-028 KTI
Single Length Infeed with Integrated Log TurningThe USNR Knuckle Turner Infeed.  With its small footprint, integrated log turning and accurate Slew / Skew positioning, this is the obvious choice for any small log line.

Log Positioning Infeed
Log Positioning Infeed Code: E-099 SL3000 LogPositioningInfeed
The log positioning infeed system accurately determines the shape of the log, calculates the highest-value cutting solution, then accurately rotates, positions and transports the log through the cutting tools.

Sharp Chain Infeed
Sharp Chain Infeed Code: Sharp-Chain-Infeed
USNR sharp chain systems are designed to maximize chain life and minimize operating costs. When you’re comparing sharp chain systems there are three things you should consider: performance, durability, and operating cost. USNR sharp chain systems deliver them all.


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