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Circular & Gang Saws

GenII™ Gang
GenII™ Gang Code: E-093 GenIIGang
GenII is the next step in the evolution of shape sawing designed by the pioneers of optimized curve sawing technology. Newnes- McGehee’s GenII gang offers many improvements to this already proven technology.

HSS System
HSS System Code: E-023 HSS System
Horizontal Shape Sawing SystemThe USNR Horizontal Shape Sawing (HSS) system is the next generation of curve sawing technology that solves many of the problems associated with traditional curve sawing machines, including issues with accurace, recovery, overfeeding ...

Optimized Curved Sawing Systems
Optimized Curved Sawing Systems Code: E-072 OptimizedCurveSawingSystems
Curve sawing offers increased value, higher volume recovery, longer length side boards, and stronger lumber. Today’s advanced systems meet the challenges in speed, accuracy and recovery.

Profiling Curve Saw Gangs
Profiling Curve Saw Gangs Code: NM-MA-13-EProfilingCurveSawGangs
Newnes-McGehee (NM) has expanded its range of curve sawing equipment to include side profiling of the jacket boards. This machine functions with any of our 3 system feed configurations: Linear, Transverse or QuickScan.

Quad Arbor Saw Box
Quad Arbor Saw Box Code: E-039 QuadArborSawBox
USNR's Quad Arbor Sawbox is a circular saw alternative to a quad bandmill that features the new Even Depth of Cut (EDC) technology. This innovation alleviates many of the problems commonly associated with the typical fixed arbor sawboxes.

RoboGang™ Curve Sawing Gang
RoboGang™ Curve Sawing Gang Code: E-094 RoboGang
RoboGang is the next step in the evolution of shape sawing designed by the pioneers of optimized curve sawing technology. The RoboGang concept allows high speed shape sawing in both horizontal and vertical orientation.USNR has applied a new concept to numerically ...

Vertical Single / Double Arbor Gangs
Vertical Single / Double Arbor Gangs Code: E-092 VSA-VDAGang
The VSA/VDA gang systems are designed to fit any gangsaw application. Built in the traditional USNR fashion, these vertical gangsaws are rugged, with easy to maintain and operate features. The many options offer customization to suit any sawmill’s particular needs.

VSS System
VSS System Code: E-025 VSS System
Vertical Shape Sawing SystemThe VSS cuts along an optimised path to get the greatest number of high-quality boards out of every log.  The VSS follows the wood grain more accurately, resulting in higher quality lumber than a straight sawing system.  You also ...


Bandmills - Vertical

True Flow Knife System
True Flow Knife System Code: MA-10-ETrueFlowConical
Conical Chipper Head Knife USNR's True flow high-performance knife system is an outstanding alternative for either drumstyle or conical chipper heads.

True Flow Knife System
True Flow Knife System Code: MA-11-ETrueFlowDrum
Drum-Style Chipper Knife USNR's True Flow high-performance knife system is an outstanding alternative for either drum style or conical shipper heads.  The True Flow knife system was designed using sophisticated 3D solid modeling CAD software, resulting in a ...

Vee-Chipper Canter System
Vee-Chipper Canter System Code: E-029 VeeChipper
USNR's Vee-Chipper Canter System continues a long-established tradition of bullet-proof construction that stands up to the most demanding operating cycles. This machine will stand up to the abuse of volume production for many years to come!


Bandmills - Horizontal

High Strain Horizontal Bandmills
High Strain Horizontal Bandmills Code: NM-MA-31-EHorizontalResawBandmills
Newnes-McGehee has developed simple high strain bandmills to meet any application for horizontal resaws. Thes bandmills offer hig accuracy and maximum production, yet the simple design assures minimum maintenance. They are available with 5' or 6' overhung wheels, and ...

L&B Air Strain Bandmill
L&B Air Strain Bandmill Code: E-227 LandBAirStrainBandmill
King of Bandmills, the Letson & Burpee Air Strain Bandmill from USNR


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