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Name: Jonathan McLachlan

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Air Bag Conversion Kit
Air Bag Conversion Kit Code: MA-29-EAirBagConversionKit
USNR offers a conversion kit to modity your existing debarker rotor system to the Air Bag tensioning system.This is a simple and cost effective conversion, providing you with a more efficient and reliable debarking system that requires less maintenance and in most ...

Cambio Ring Debarker
Cambio Ring Debarker Code: E-031 CambioRingDebarker
Cambio Ring Debarker - 18" - 24" - 30" Rugged - Dependable - Economical

Debarker Self-Centering Infeed Conveyor
Debarker Self-Centering Infeed Conveyor Code: E-063 Debarker Infeed Conveyor
The self-centering infeed conveyor is a proven and effective method of centering the log to the debarker. The machine positions the log in both the horizontal and vertical planes, centering the log based on diameter, not weight. This enables it to maintain a true ...

MV Ring Debarker
MV Ring Debarker Code: E-034 MVRingDebarker
The USNR MV-Type Ring Debarker gives you excellent inline debarking performance in a great package. Our engineers have designed this debarker for maximum flexibility: our modular design means you get a custom machine at a non-custom price!

New and Rebuilt Rotors
New and Rebuilt Rotors Code: MA-30-ENewandRebuiltRotors

Pyramo Debarking System
Pyramo Debarking System Code: MA-24-EPyramoDebarkingSystem
In addition to original Cambio® parts, USNR also manufactures a complete line of Pyramo® tools and tool tips for 18F", 24/25", 26" and 30" debarkers. 

Tenax Debarking System
Tenax Debarking System Code: MA-40-ETenaxDebarkingSystem
Tenax Debarking System, providing a smart alternative for high-performance, reliable debarking.  Designed to retrofit any Cambio-style debarker, the Tenax tool system is also standard equipment on new USNR debarkers.

Tenax Tool Tips
Tenax Tool Tips Code: MA-39-ETenaxToolTips
Tenax Tool Tips offer a great selection of tips that provide high-performance and reliable debarking in extreme conditions, changing seasons and wood species.

Cambio 460 Debarker (18
Cambio 460 Debarker (18") Code: CAMBIO-460-DEBARKER
Cambio 460 is a debarker for small logs up to 460mm (18"). It operates at feed speeds up to 90 m/min. (295 feet/min.) Its simplicity, reliability, low service requirement and operating costs makes Cambio 460 the winner in its class for sawmills and log yards around ...


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