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Name: Donna Neil

Ph: +64 9 276 2402
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Category:  Sawmilling  >  New Equipment  >  Planermills  >  Stackers


Hi-Speed Stacker
Hi-Speed Stacker Code: NM-MA-07-EHi-SpeedStacker
The hi-speed stacker pre-stages the lumber tiers, separating the tier dividing action from the stacking fork movement. This allows the stacker fork motion to be controlled smoothly, even at very high speeds.

Lumber Stacker
Lumber Stacker Code: NM-MA-06-ELumberStacker
Newnes-McGehee’s lumber stacker has earned an excellent reputation for quality and reliability based on performance in hundreds of mills over the last three decades.

Magazine Stick & Lath Placers
Magazine Stick & Lath Placers Code: NM-MA-11-EMagazineStickandLathPlacers
Newnes-McGehee's Magazine Stick placer is designed to automatically place a stick onto the top of each successive tier of lumber during the stacking cycle, thereby consistently creating evenly stacked, stable kiln loads.

Rotary Vacuum Lath Placer
Rotary Vacuum Lath Placer Code: NM-MA-09-ERotaryVacuumLathPlacer
Newnes-McGehee’s Rotary Vacuum Lath Placer is designed to automatically place lath onto pre-determined tiers of a lumber package during the stacking cycle.The unique design of the lath placer uses a vacuum sytem to handle very thin veneer lath, down to a ...

Slant Hopper Stick Placer
Slant Hopper Stick Placer Code: NM-MA-10-ESlantHopperStickPlacer
Newnes-McGehee (NM) stick placing equipment has evolved since inception in the 1960’s to include development of the Slant Hopper Stick Placer. Utilizing the best features of the previous models and incorporating a new stick placing mechanism, NM has designed ...


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