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Name: Donna Neil

Ph: +64 9 276 2402
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Planers & Moulders

Positive-Lead Planer
Positive-Lead Planer Code: MA-43-EPositive-LeadPlaner
USNR High-Speed Planers utilize our patented Positive-Lead technology to help reduce sniping. OUr proven designs have reliably finished billions of board feet of lumber over the last several years, generating praise from our customers and the respect of our ...

Coastal High Speed Planers
Coastal High Speed Planers Code: E-065
USNR's Coastal Planer offers the best finish and the quickest product changeover in the industry. Thy system maximizes production and quality while minimizing downtime.

Stratoplan High Speed Planing Machines
Stratoplan High Speed Planing Machines Code: Stratoplan
Planing at Tempo 450 to 1000 m/min Great features that make woodworking accurate and perfect.


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