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Parts & Conversions

Air Bag Conversion Kit
Air Bag Conversion Kit Code: MA-29-EAirBagConversionKit
USNR offers a conversion kit to modity your existing debarker rotor system to the Air Bag tensioning system.This is a simple and cost effective conversion, providing you with a more efficient and reliable debarking system that requires less maintenance and in most ...

Bandmill Wheels
Bandmill Wheels Code: MA-38-EBandmillWheels

Bavitted Finish Knife
Bavitted Finish Knife Code: B-103454

Chipper Wear Plate
Chipper Wear Plate Code: MA-26-ECHIPPERWEARPLAT

CNS Conversions
CNS Conversions Code: MA-41-ECNSConversions
USNR offers a number of C-N-S conversions including Quad Spike Rolls, True Flow Knives, Top and Side head Round Slideways and Precision Vee-Flat Flighted Chain Upgrades

Crown Wheel & Pinion
Crown Wheel & Pinion Code: 588-0361

CS Chipscreen Suspension Arm
CS Chipscreen Suspension Arm Code: MA-27-ECSChipscreenSuspensionArm

Dual Head Saw Guide Resurfacer
Dual Head Saw Guide Resurfacer Code: MA-35-ESawGuideResurfacer
USNR's dual Head Saw Guide Resurfacer is a precision unit designed for accuracy, reliability and efficiency in saw guide resurfacing.

Finishing Knife Seats LH
Finishing Knife Seats LH Code: A-098842

Finishing Knife Seats RH
Finishing Knife Seats RH Code: A-098841

New and Rebuilt Rotors
New and Rebuilt Rotors Code: MA-30-ENewandRebuiltRotors

One Man Knife System
One Man Knife System Code: MA-25-EOneManKnifeSystem

Optimised Chipper Spout
Optimised Chipper Spout Code: MA-28-EOptimisedChipperSpout
In a continued commitment to innovation, USNR has implemented several design changes to the Forano style chipper spout that improve chip quality and reduce maintenance costs.

Pyramo Debarker Tips
Pyramo Debarker Tips Code: 338-0512
for Cambio Debarker

Pyramo Debarking System
Pyramo Debarking System Code: MA-24-EPyramoDebarkingSystem
In addition to original Cambio® parts, USNR also manufactures a complete line of Pyramo® tools and tool tips for 18F", 24/25", 26" and 30" debarkers. 

Ring Ball Distance Spacer
Ring Ball Distance Spacer Code: 588-0285

Roughing Knife Seats
Roughing Knife Seats Code: B-098568

Saw Guides
Saw Guides Code: MA-34-ESawGuides
When it comes to saw guides it just doesn't make sense to take any chances.  That's why so many mills choose USNR saw guides, even for non-USNR gangs and edgers.  Here's why they trust USNR saw guides to do the job:

Seal Ring, Bearing
Seal Ring, Bearing Code: 522-0277

Side-Head Round-way Conversion
Side-Head Round-way Conversion Code: MA-36-ESide-HeadRound-wayConversion

Splined Saw Arbors
Splined Saw Arbors Code: MA-37-ESplinedSawArbors

Split Spiked Feed Rolls
Split Spiked Feed Rolls Code: MA-21-ESplitSpikedFeedRolls

Tenax Debarking System
Tenax Debarking System Code: MA-40-ETenaxDebarkingSystem
Tenax Debarking System, providing a smart alternative for high-performance, reliable debarking.  Designed to retrofit any Cambio-style debarker, the Tenax tool system is also standard equipment on new USNR debarkers.

Tenax Tool Tips
Tenax Tool Tips Code: MA-39-ETenaxToolTips
Tenax Tool Tips offer a great selection of tips that provide high-performance and reliable debarking in extreme conditions, changing seasons and wood species.

TensLink 1
TensLink 1", 26", 2ply Tension Band Code: 284-8727
for Cambio Debarker

TensLink 3
TensLink 3", 26" 2ply Tension Band Code: 284-8730
for Cambio Debarker

True-Read Grade Mark Recognition System
True-Read Grade Mark Recognition System Code: NM-OP-08-ETrue-ReadGradeMarkReader
Grade Mark Recognition SystemHighest accuracy rate in the industry offers lower re-run and off-grade rates.

USNR Strain diaphragm 10
USNR Strain diaphragm 10" Code: 411-8000

Vee-Flat Flighted Chain
Vee-Flat Flighted Chain Code: MA-17-EVee-FlatFlightedChain

Ace Planer Heads
Ace Planer Heads Code: ACE-PLANER-HEAD
NEW Various Sizes/lengths available Inquire for details

SOLD - 4-Knife Ari Chipping Heads - SOLD
SOLD - 4-Knife Ari Chipping Heads - SOLD Code: ARI-CHIP-HEADS
4-Knife Ari Chipping Head

Weinig Planer Heads
Weinig Planer Heads Code: WEINIG-PLANER-HEADS-SH
Range of Weinig Planer Heads available. 6 to 12 knives. Second-hand Inquire for details


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