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Name: Jonathan McLachlan

Ph: +64 9 276 2402
Cell: +64 276 488 488
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Ledinek Dekoplan
Ledinek Dekoplan Code: Dekoplan
A special planer for decorative planing and structuring of tongue and groove boards, 4 side planed solid wood boards or other similar products for interior design. Also suitable for decoration of decking, cladding, parquet, logs for log homes, facade boards or ...

Ledinek Glulam Beam Plant
Ledinek Glulam Beam Plant Code: Glulam BP

Ledinek Hyperpress
Ledinek Hyperpress Code: Hyperpress
CNC Press for Curved Beams Wood without limits! A dream? Not anymore. Let our new press surprise you with it's great suitability to press a variety of wood forms that you may have not even shaped yet. Discover the new Hyperpress that opens a competely new ...

Ledinek Kontizink - Finger Jointing Line
Ledinek Kontizink - Finger Jointing Line Code: Kontizink
The KONTIZINK finger jointing line can be used for the production of laminations for glulam beams for duo and trio beams as well as for solid finger jointed constructional timber. Fingers are formed perpendicular to the broadside of the work piece. Left side ...

Ledinek Rotoles
Ledinek Rotoles Code: Rotoles
The new generation of the Rotoles machines has filled in the gap between the surface calibrating machines and the top speed planing machines. Now, there is the Rotoles method also with multi-spindle machine variations have preserved all main advantages of the Rotoles ...

Ledinek Superplan
Ledinek Superplan Code: Superplan
High Performance Planer and Moulder

Ledinek X-Cut
Ledinek X-Cut Code: XCut
A high performance cross-cut saw

Ledinek X-Press
Ledinek X-Press Code: XPress
Ledinek X-PRESS Rediscover wood construction. Prefabricated wooden walls, roofs, whole houses, everything is possible. Make a step into the future of construction with our new X-PRESS.


Reman General Equipment

Mann-Russellâ„¢ Code: CM-GS-01-E
Radio Frequency Gluing Systems Cost-effective, high production of custom engineered wood products, in batch or continuous process



Addvantage Chop Saw
Addvantage Chop Saw Code: NM-OP-03-EAddVantageChopSaw
Four-sided, multi-channel vision detects tight vs loose knots, cracks, shake, stain, grain angle and color.

AddVantage Rip Saw Optimiser
AddVantage Rip Saw Optimiser Code: NM-OP-02-EAddVantageRipSaw
Scans wide boards and flitches to determine the optimum rip and chop combination.


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