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Name: Donna Neil

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Category:  Sawmilling  >  New Equipment  >  Planermills


Multi-Track Fence
Multi-Track Fence Code: E-181
Multi-Track Fence Overview The Multi-Track Fence is a cost effective solution for mills that require a rapid, highly accurate fencing system for the most demanding applications. This fence accommodates high speeds with very precise board position, an excellent ...


Tilthoists & Infeeds

Beam Style Tilt Hoist
Beam Style Tilt Hoist Code: NM-MA-24-ETiltHoist
The Newnes-McGehee beam style tilt hoist is made with heavy duty knees and is designed and constructed for rugged use.  It features an hydraulic cylinder hoist for precise indexing of packages without mechanical clutches or brakes.


Planers & Moulders

Positive-Lead Planer
Positive-Lead Planer Code: MA-43-EPositive-LeadPlaner
USNR High-Speed Planers utilize our patented Positive-Lead technology to help reduce sniping. OUr proven designs have reliably finished billions of board feet of lumber over the last several years, generating praise from our customers and the respect of our ...

Coastal High Speed Planers
Coastal High Speed Planers Code: E-065
USNR's Coastal Planer offers the best finish and the quickest product changeover in the industry. Thy system maximizes production and quality while minimizing downtime.

Stratoplan High Speed Planing Machines
Stratoplan High Speed Planing Machines Code: Stratoplan
Planing at Tempo 450 to 1000 m/min Great features that make woodworking accurate and perfect.


Trimmers & Sorters

Accu-Trim Trimmer
Accu-Trim Trimmer Code: MA-05-EAccu-TrimLineShaft
The USNR Accu-Trim Line-Shaft Trimmer is one of the most robust trimmers on the market with the ability to position saws at one-foot increments.  The Accu-Trim Line-Shaft Trimmer has a proven track record achieving 160+ LPM in sawmills and 200+ LPM in planermills.

Bin Sorter
Bin Sorter Code: MA-03-EBinSorter
Drag Chain, J-Bar and Pusher LugUSNR Bin Sorters feature smart, flexible designs that can be customized to handle a mill's specific needs.  USNR Bin Sorters are available in three styles:  Drag Chain, J-Bar and pusher Lug.  All USNR Bin Sorters are ...

Grade Station Systems
Grade Station Systems Code: NM-MA-12-EGradeStationSystemsa
Newnes –McGehee’s Grade Station system offers “hands free” grading eliminating fatigue and injury from carpal tunnel syndrome.Boards are lifted out of a lug, parked in front of the grader momentarily, then turned and parked once again. Graders ...

Lineshaft Trimmer
Lineshaft Trimmer Code: NM-MA-03-ELineshaftTrimmer
The Newnes-McGehee Multi-Saw Trimmer provides end trim and cut back to an accurate board length. The universal design of the Trimmer allows it to be installed into existing systems, non optimized production lines or as an integral part of an optimized Trimmer/Sorter ...

Low Profile Trimmer
Low Profile Trimmer Code: NM-MA-02-ELowProfileTrimmer
High speed, accuracy and reliability. Low profile, maintenance and noise. Designed for increased safety, accessibility and production.

Newtronic Lug Loader
Newtronic Lug Loader Code: NM-MA-20-ENewtronicLugLoader
Consistently loads random width, thickness and length material into lugs automatically

Quad Cam Board Feeder / Lug Loader
Quad Cam Board Feeder / Lug Loader Code: MA-14-EQuadCamBoardFeeder
When it comes to lug loading technology, there is simply no better solution than USNR's patented Quad Cam technology.  Whatever your application, the USNR Quad Cam Board Feeder can be configured to meet your Needs.

Revolver Lug Loader
Revolver Lug Loader Code: NM-MA-04-ERevolverLugLoader
The Revolver lug loader is capable of speeds of 200+ LPM in studmill applications. The Revolver is suitable for retrofit and new installations in sawmills, planermills, and reman plants.

Sling Sorter
Sling Sorter Code: MA-44-ESlingSorter
USNR Sling Sorters feature simple, flexible designs that can be customized to handle a mill's specific needs. USNR Sling Sorters are available in three styles: Drag Chain, J-Bar and Pusher Lug. All USNR Sling Sorters are suitable for green or dry applications.

Slow Down Belt
Slow Down Belt Code: NM-MA-25-ESlowDownBelt
Newnes-McGehee’s slow down belt provides deceleration from a planer outfeed conveyor and gentle placement of the lumber onto a landing transfer.

Transfers and Rollcases
Transfers and Rollcases Code: NM-MA-18-ETransfersandRollcases
Newnes-McGehee provides a variety of transfers and rollcases. All units are designed for fast, smooth and accurate movement.

Unscramblers Code: NM-MA-17-EUnscrambler
Newnes-McGehee unscramblers are constructed for use in the most demanding production lines.

Vertical Bin Sorter
Vertical Bin Sorter Code: NM-MA-05-EVerticalBinSorter
The efficient bin design of the Newnes-McGehee (NM) Vertical Bin Sorter greatly minimizes its overall length as well as construction and installation costs. The zero speed minimum drop design of the bin coupled with the exceptionally smooth discharge, result in the ...



Hi-Speed Stacker
Hi-Speed Stacker Code: NM-MA-07-EHi-SpeedStacker
The hi-speed stacker pre-stages the lumber tiers, separating the tier dividing action from the stacking fork movement. This allows the stacker fork motion to be controlled smoothly, even at very high speeds.

Lumber Stacker
Lumber Stacker Code: NM-MA-06-ELumberStacker
Newnes-McGehee’s lumber stacker has earned an excellent reputation for quality and reliability based on performance in hundreds of mills over the last three decades.

Magazine Stick & Lath Placers
Magazine Stick & Lath Placers Code: NM-MA-11-EMagazineStickandLathPlacers
Newnes-McGehee's Magazine Stick placer is designed to automatically place a stick onto the top of each successive tier of lumber during the stacking cycle, thereby consistently creating evenly stacked, stable kiln loads.

Rotary Vacuum Lath Placer
Rotary Vacuum Lath Placer Code: NM-MA-09-ERotaryVacuumLathPlacer
Newnes-McGehee’s Rotary Vacuum Lath Placer is designed to automatically place lath onto pre-determined tiers of a lumber package during the stacking cycle.The unique design of the lath placer uses a vacuum sytem to handle very thin veneer lath, down to a ...

Slant Hopper Stick Placer
Slant Hopper Stick Placer Code: NM-MA-10-ESlantHopperStickPlacer
Newnes-McGehee (NM) stick placing equipment has evolved since inception in the 1960’s to include development of the Slant Hopper Stick Placer. Utilizing the best features of the previous models and incorporating a new stick placing mechanism, NM has designed ...


Press, Strap & Packaging

Hydraulic Endpress
Hydraulic Endpress Code: NM-MA-26-EEndpress
Newnes-McGehee's hydraulic endpress is available in several designs to suit various flow plans and operating systems,

Paper Feeder and Cutter
Paper Feeder and Cutter Code: E-098 Paper Feeder Cutter
USNR's paper feeder and cutter is designed to dispense and cut to length the correct amount of paper to wrap a package of lumber.



LHG E-Valuator™ Module
LHG E-Valuator™ Module Code: NM-OP-04-ELHGE-Valuator
Board vibration measurment combined with proven X-ray density measurments provides MSR evaluation with more acurate Modulus of Elasticity (MOE) predictions and greater yields.

LHG with DataFusion™
LHG with DataFusion™ Code: NM-OP-05-ELHGwithDataFusion
The Linear High Grader with DataFusion offers a true technical solution in the quest for fully automated grading. It integrates various complementary technologies to yield a highly accurate lumber grading system.


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