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Hardwood Package  Dry Kilns
Hardwood Package Dry Kilns Code: E-007
With more than a century of experience in lumber rying, USNR is the clear choice for Hardwood Dry Kilns.  Some of the industry leading features you find on our hardwood dry kilns are listed below:Durable and ReliableComplete Drying controlFlexible to Fit Your Needs

High Temperature Track Kiln
High Temperature Track Kiln Code: E-010
USNR Irvington-Moore dry kilns are improving efficiency and increasing profits in operations like yours throughout the world. We've been manufacturing kiln drying systems for over 100 years, and we can show you how to ad the real profits that come from quality kiln ...

Kiln Boss Computer Control System
Kiln Boss Computer Control System Code: E-009
USNR's Kiln Boss systems allow you to easily control all important wood drying variables. The system tracks your custom drying schedules, alerts you to trouble or system changes, and reports batch and historical statistics for your review.

Load Boss - In-Kiln Weight Scale System
Load Boss - In-Kiln Weight Scale System Code: E-008
Adding the USNR Load Boss to your lumber drying operation gives you another level of control.  The Load Boss System uses sensitive electronics to precisely measure the weights of sample boards distributed within your lumber stack.  The Load Boss gives you the ...

Sloped Grate Green Burner
Sloped Grate Green Burner Code: E-011
USNR-Irvington-Moore presents the Sloped Grate Green Sawdust Burner with Turbo Technologyâ„¢ which allows you to get the economy of direct-fired dry kilns and the clean performance of steam-heated dry kilns, all in one package.

Triple-Length Continuous (TLC) Kiln
Triple-Length Continuous (TLC) Kiln Code: DK-01-ETLCKiln
USNR continues its tradition of innovation with the Triple-Length Continuous (TLC) Dry Kiln. This unique new concept in drying technology delivers continuous non-stop production, enabling you to increase your kiln production by up to 50%, while using your existing ...


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