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Name: Geoff Strang

Ph: +64 9 276 2402
Cell: +64 274 304 981
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Category:  Bulk Handling  >  Spare Parts  >  Compressors & Blowers

Air Filters - Spares

PowerCore Air Cleaner
PowerCore Air Cleaner Code: AF-023


Betico - Accessories - Power Pack

F110 Fras Rubber Tyre
F110 Fras Rubber Tyre Code: F110-TYR


Betico - Accessories - PTO Drive

122-802-5M Din Plug + 5M
122-802-5M Din Plug + 5M Code: PTO-017a

58328-04 Rocker Switch
58328-04 Rocker Switch Code: PTO-019a

G72 12V Coil
G72 12V Coil Code: PTO-016a


Betico - Compressor

Bulkline 1000 - Accessories - PTO Drive

58328-04 Rocker Switch
58328-04 Rocker Switch Code: PTO-019

G72 12V Coil
G72 12V Coil Code: PTO-016


Bulkline 1000 - Compressor

Bulkline 1000 - Spares

Bulkline 1000 Overhaul Kit
Bulkline 1000 Overhaul Kit Code: SBulkline9

Bulkline Dipstick
Bulkline Dipstick Code: SBulkline10

Bulkline Gearbox Breather
Bulkline Gearbox Breather Code: SBulkline13

Bulkline Steel Outlet Flange
Bulkline Steel Outlet Flange Code: SBulkline11

Intake Flange/Elbow
Intake Flange/Elbow Code: SBulkline3

Oil Filter
Oil Filter Code: SBulkline6

Oil Pressure Gauge 0-6Bar
Oil Pressure Gauge 0-6Bar Code: SBulkline27

Outlet for Bulkline Silencer
Outlet for Bulkline Silencer Code: SBulkline16

Pressure Relief Valve
Pressure Relief Valve Code: SBulkline4

Silencer Code: SBulkline2


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Phone: +64 9 276 2402