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Name: John McLachlan

Ph: +64 9 276 2402
Cell: +64 274 932 612
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Category:  Bulk Handling  >  Spare Parts  >  Aeration Systems

Aeration Pad Parts - Aeration Cloths

Aeration Pad Parts - Gaskets

Aeration Pad Parts - Kockums

Aerators - SureSeal

1 Port Manifold
1 Port Manifold Code: A111

2 Port Manifold
2 Port Manifold Code: A112

3 Port Manifold
3 Port Manifold Code: A113

710 Silo Access Plate
710 Silo Access Plate Code: A801-SAP

Blue Disk
Blue Disk Code: A104

Blue Gasket
Blue Gasket Code: A108

EPDM Black Disk
EPDM Black Disk Code: A515

Grey Stem
Grey Stem Code: A105

Plenum Fluidiser
Plenum Fluidiser Code: A301

T-Handle Code: A110

T-Handle Gasket
T-Handle Gasket Code: A115

Wear Plate
Wear Plate Code: A107


Aerators - Solimar

Manifold Gasket Blue
Manifold Gasket Blue Code: S4127

O Ring for T Handle
O Ring for T Handle Code: S4102

Solimar Stem Natural
Solimar Stem Natural Code: S4135

Solimar T Handle
Solimar T Handle Code: S4104


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Phone: +64 9 276 2402